Monday, November 28, 2005

and they took my Little Debbie snack cakes too!


I had picked some up when I was working at the coop friday and my aunt (who has downs syndrome) was getting cranky. She loves those cakes. I forgot to bring them into the house with me, so those are history also. That bit is actually kinda funny.

Hope the jerk/jerks choke on 'em.

I took my Max cat to the vet today for a checkup. He has hyperthyroidism, and it seems as if we've finally got it more or less under control (with medication). I'm thinking about having the radioactive iodine treatment done on him. It would be a major chunk of change, but would be an overall cost savings if he lives another 2-3 years. Plus the meds have side effects to consider (although he doesn't seem to be suffering from any right now).

The people at the vet's office couldn't get over how different he's acting now compared with the first time I brought him in. The first time he was really, really wired. Now he's a just a calm, happy, purring kitty. Nice to have that Max back.


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