Wednesday, November 30, 2005

influx of Churchies blogging

Isn't it amazing how many Church fans suddenly have blogs? ;) The power of the Stevester!

I wonder how many of us will keep them up... or even actually start them. I have a journal on another site, but this gives me a place to bitch about people I can't bitch about there. Kinda like that journal gives me a place to bitch about other Church fans. :D Sometimes I just feel like ranting...even if no one else reads it. Very cathartic somehow.

And of course, sometimes I want to write something that doesn't get read by people who will know what I mean, even if it doesn't blast anyone. I realise that putting it online at all raises the possibility that someone I might not really want reading it does read it, but that just makes for a bit of a thrill. A touch of danger. Well....not really danger, just a touch of discomfort perhaps.

My car window got replaced today. I called yesterday and was told they would call be between 8-9 am today to schedule a more exact time. So I dragged my ass out of bed (I don't normally get up that early -- I know, I'm a slug) and waited for a call.

Nuttin.' So around 11 am I called them. They forgot me. :( But they said the guy would be here between 12 & 3 pm. Somehow I just knew that wasn't gonna happen either, and I was right. However the guy did arrive just before 4, so it did get done. And it cost less that what they had originally quoted me too. :)


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

Yeah, we Church fans are everywhere. Then again, I was blogging on Myspace but found that site to be sort of like a creepy singles bar. Seriously, some guy sent me a message wanting to meet for a drink! I'm even pregnant in one of my photos there. Go figure.

Hope you get that window fixed soon!

10:02 PM  
Blogger General Catz said...

Managed to draw out several church fans on the u2 site i belong to, although none of them seemed familiar with anything prior to Milky Way. Philistines!

9:59 AM  
Blogger eek said...

I'm the resident Church freak on the U2 site I post on. I started a thread on them in July I think and it's getting known as the thread that will not die (much to a few people's consternation). Well...every time something Church related comes up I pull that thread back up and psot in it.

I did actually get one guy to go to their Adelaide show last week. I feel very proud of my self.

He said he stopped going because SK had been such a jerk in the late 90's. I told him, no no he'll be good this time. Really. He will. And then I was thinking the whole time, Damn you SK you better be good! You better not be an ass. (because, well, you know...being good is not a given...) And he was! (whew!) The guy couldn't get over how chatty and funny SK was.

And I got a couple people who had never heard them or even of them before to buy some cds of theirs. At the very least a couple of casual fans.

2:00 AM  

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