Thursday, December 01, 2005

a bad few weeks...

It's turning out to be a sucky few weeks in the car depatment.

First my water pump went out. Got that fixed. But in fixing it, something else got knocked out of place causing the car to run horribly. So back in it went. No charge to rectify that, but it was another day the car was in the shop.

Then last Saturday night (or early Sunday morning), some fucking moron smashed one of my windows to get a crappy boombox and power inverter I used when my car radio bought the farm. Got the window fixed yesterday.

So today I went out and bought another power inverter and boombox (I'll make sure to bring them in with me at night). I got home, got out of the car....and hear this hissing noise.... Sure enough it was coming from my driver's side front tire. It flattened within minutes. Apparently I ran over something that cut it as I drove through the ally to the back of the house. So now I have to get at least one new tire.

ah well....keeps life interesting.


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

That sucks!

But it reminds me that my spare tire is completely flat and I'd better get to the tire store tomorrow.

8:09 AM  
Blogger subcultureofone said...

poor car. maybe it wants snow tires? or a plastic dashboard jesus to ward off thieves and sharp objects?

several years ago, someone smashed my car window to steal about eighty cents in change. they came back three more times in the next couple of weeks and tried to pry the hatchback open, pull the side mirrors and hubcaps off, and then attempted to break into my house through the kitchen window. i put up the brightest motion sensor light i could find and it stopped.

of course i also called the police, who chose to handle the whole thing over the phone, rather than actually send someone out. all four times. the motion light was much more helpful and effective than the police.

i certainly hope yours was an isolated incident. maybe a trained attack cat could patrol the perimeter?


8:54 AM  

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