Monday, April 23, 2007

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The woman who comments on SK's blog as ~ finally made that little symbol (~) a clickable link to her own blog from SK's comments page. So I clicked on it a few days ago. I totally expected more of the same long winded poetry stuff (I have to admit I really dislike most people's poetry as so much is just bad. I do generally like Stevie's, although there are a few where I think..."well...ok..." But for the most part he doesn't get too precious and he does love to play with words, and that changes it and makes it work for me. Plus he has a wicked sense of humour which comes through clearly. But I digress....). Anyway, I completely expected a load of poetry such as she puts on SK's comments page, but other than titles there wasn't a single fucking word in any blog post! I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't believe she didn't write anything on her own blog (she actually did write one there yesterday, so the effect isn't quite as stark now). Steve certainly opened the floodgates in that one. :-)

Speaking of the Stevester, a Fed Ex package I sent to Hungary for him (small prints and cards for the merch table) which I have now named "the Package From Hell" finally arrived at it's destination and actually got to Steve. That's a relief. The stuff was originally supposed to go to a guy in the UK for Marty to pick up and take to Budapest. But the packaging for the prints came a bit later than I expected and I kind of lost track of time with it, so when it was ready to get sent, I found even in the best case scenario that it wouldn't get there in time for Marty to get it. So I decided to send it to Budapest to Kevin N. instead.

I packed it up, sent it off, and watched it's progress on the Fed Ex tracking site. Everything went well until it got to Budapest and then there was the dreaded "shipment exception -- missing or incorrect documents" notation when it hit customs. Shit. So I blew a day and a half trying to find out what more I needed to do only to find that Hungarian customs don't allow the shipper to pay any duty. the recipient must do that and so Kevin N. had to fill out a whole host of paperwork and agree to pay before the clearance process could continue. He did it though, and with remarkably good grace, but the package finally got to him on the 16th -- well after the band played Budapest. Nevertheless he managed to get it to Steve! So the stuff does actually have a chance to sell, which is great.

I have to pay KN back for the money he had to spend getting the package, but it's better than abandoning all of it, and that's what I was facing if he didn't get it. He's also getting a gift from me for all his trouble. It's the least I can do. luckily, he gave me a US addy for the payment and the gift. :-) Overall the duty we got charged (I doubt we would have gotten charged duty in London) added to the additional cost of shipping to Budapest vs London and it ends up being a pretty expensive delay. I feel really bad about costing SK extra (I'll probably eat a good chunk of the costs though since they were caused by me) and him not having the items to sell at the early shows. I do doubt they would have sold much in eastern europe anyway, but you never know. Oh well, an expensive lesson learned.

I have a couple of partly written blog entries I need to finish up too. One's quite a rant. Not many people read this blog, so I might actually post it. I might just leave it as a draft though. That has the effect of having a private section, and that may well be the best place for it.

And today is the third anniversary of my mum's death.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

i'm very sorry about your mom. my dad will be gone 5 years this august, and they say "time heals all wounds", but i'm not buying it. it hurts now just as much as then.

yeah, i've been a little intrigued by ~ too. but you're right~~i cannot read her comments. it seems that she is trying to copy the style that steve uses, but she is unable to pull it off as deftly as he can. i find that hers is jerky and distracting. she seems to be a nice person and i don't know her, but IMO i think she would be better just being herself. her photography is gorgeous.

sorry you had such a problem with your package. i HATE mailing anything overseas. (well, i hate mailing anything, considering how shabby the USPS is, but that's another story, heh heh heh...) i've had problems with incorrect or missing documents, too. such a pain!!

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