Saturday, January 27, 2007

Do I need an excuse to post a pic of MWP?

Of course not! Anytime is a good time to look at MWP photos. :-) However, I do have a reason to post a photo of him, so there.

I just listened to Sparks Lane from Noctorum (the Marty Willson-Piper and Dare Mason project) for the first time. I've had this disc (two of them actually) for months -- many months -- but haven't even taken the plastic off until just now. I have heard My Museum and 106 seconds of Aujourd'hui, but I don't think anything else before tonight.

Wow. It's really good. I have to admit I've generally found Marty's solo work to be uneven, but at least on the first listen I like this one a lot. Aujourd'hui is my favourite so far. Actually that 106 second clip of it was what got me to find the cd and check out the rest now.

hmmm...I guess this means I should give the other Noctorum disc I bought at one of the gigs last August a spin sometime soon too.


Blogger calling down baal and zeus said...

I wanted to thank you for asking Mr. Baal n Zeus how I was doing.
I am doing great!

And, you are not a bad speller, you did spell my name right.

Also, speaking of MWP...
I went to my first church concert
with Mr. Baal n Zeus at a small theater in PA
MWP stood right next to me
and I didn't know who exactly who he was but I knew he was somebody
and I did nothing I didn't know what to do.

So since then I have really enjoyed the church since my man
introduced me

Thanks again
and best to you

9:25 PM  

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