Tuesday, January 16, 2007


El Momento Siguiente is now for sale at the Church Merch and four songs from it at up on The church's Myspace page. I ordered a few copies (can't get just one...) already and will now be eagerly awaiting their arrival.

The tracklisting looks great too. I was never a great fan of "Two Places At Once," but I really liked how they did it on this past tour so I'm looking forward to that. I also really enjoyed the jazzy version of "Reptile" they did at some of the shows -- it was just so much fun. And "Grind," "After Everything," "It's No Reason"... I love those songs.

1. Wide Open Road
2. It's No Reason
3. Reptile
4. Tantalized
5. Electric Lash
6. After Everything
7. Song In The Afternoon (new)
8. Two Places At Once
9. Appalatia
10. Bordello (new)
11. Pure Chance
12. Grind
13. NSEW
14. Comeuppance (new)

Church Merch link here

and MySpace link here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didn't like the new version of "tantalized" at first, but strangely i couldn't stop listening to it. now i can't get enoug hof it!!

i LOVE these guys!! just when i think they can't get any better, they blow me away....

11:06 PM  

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