Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Boxing Day!

This year on Boxing Day my cat Alex had to go to the emergency vet because he had a blocked urinary tract and it was late afternoon and my normal vet was closing for the day. Poor kitty was in so much pain he would growl when I would touch him -- and yet less than 18 hours earlier he seemed just fine. Those blockages can progress from nothing noticable to really bad very quickly.

Anyway, I had to pick him up at the emergency vet the next morning by 9am and take him to my normal vet. After an exam and drawing some blood the regular vet decided to take out the IV in his front leg, which made Alex much more comfortable. Decided to leave the catheter in until tomorrow as they didn't want to remove it too soon and chance that it would have to be put back in again.

Then they sent Alex home with instruction for me to monitor his output (amazing how cat pee suddenly became my focus for the day). I took a nap with him, which he loved as he could rest his head (he has one of those cones on so he won't rip out his catheter) on my arm and go to sleep. Everything seems to be working pretty well and he is feeling much better. Gave the vet an update a couple hours ago and she's happy with how he's doing.

He goes back to the regular vet tomorrow morning (8 am! These early mornings are killing me...I'm not used to being up that early!) when he will probably have the catheter removed and then they will monitor him for the rest of the day before sending him back home again. Then I'm supposed keep him in a seperate room for a while so I can moniter his litterbox habits and feed him his special food.

I have in about 24 hours spent more on this cat than I did going on my five day trek to see The Church in August. And the paying isn't over yet. Oh the joys of pet ownership....


Blogger (('{~_~}')) said...

Hope Alex is better and purring happily. A friend went through a similar thing with her dog at Christmas. It cost her a fortune!

7:55 AM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

how is alex? i hope he is doing better now. it's heartbreaking when one of our loved ones go through so much pain...

10:22 PM  

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