Sunday, November 19, 2006

the Steve & Marty shows

The first of the Steve & Marty shows is this Tuesday. God I would love to see some of those! They had such a fantastic rapport during the US tour I bet these shows will be so damned much fun. Oh well I do know a couple people who are going, so I will get emails about it and possibly pics. Got some quite decent pics of Steve at Vegan Day -- I would have loved to have gone to that too. You know it would be just my luck that if I did live in Australia I would live in some super remote area and get to see them play even less than I do now. At least when the tour the US I go to multiple shows and I do love that.

Anyway, back to the Steve & Marty shows. In thinking about these shows I couldn't help but think about when The Church was down to just Steve & Marty. It was a pretty bleak period for the band -- creatively they had their moments, but they weren't at their best; personally, at least for Steve it seems as if that was a very rough time; financially -- they got dumped by Arista and then had that distribution disaster with MATS. It really seems as if the band was hanging by a very thin thread during that time. But they did hang on, and sometimes I wonder why. I wonder what made them keep slogging away when very little was going their way. While PK gives off a very practical "I'll do whatever I need to do" vibe, SK and MWP seem to be more quixotic types -- each in his own way, of course. Maybe that kept them going when honestly it didn't make much logical sense.

So it pleases me to hear of Steve & Marty shows (even if they are Steve & Marty as solo artists instead of Steve & Marty as The Church if that makes any sense) now that they, and the band, are at such a high point creatively, and it seems personally as well. I love a happy story, and this feels like a happy story.


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