Saturday, November 18, 2006


Steve's painting used for the cover of ULTC just sold on ebay for $8280 AUD (approx. $6364 USD)! I am so fucking excited for him. He must be absolutely delighted. A while ago -- a year or more -- we talked about how much it might bring and he mentioned a figure he thought it might be able to bring. This blew that figure right out of the water and I am absolutely delighted by that.

The others are doing quite well also. Block is currently $2650 AUD (approx. $2040 USD) and A Quiet Night In is $920 AUD (approx. $707 USD) and I expect them to go up before they end.

Not only is it a nice chunk of change right now (I think the other band memebers might be getting a cut too as being used on something by The Chuch most likely helped the price), but it also helps to establish a higher value for his paintings in general. That can only be good.

Hey, maybe I should sell off part of my collection while the interest is high. :-)


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