Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Spunky Butt aka Dammit et al (my niece's kitten) is over visiting me right now. The little shit of a kitten just jumped into my waste basket and peed!

I saw him hop in and I went over and said "what are you doing?" and he looked up with the "don't disturb me, I'm working here" look on his face that means he's taking a pee.

I can't really say it was a bad place to go, but I'd certainly rather he went in the litter box (and he has in the past). Guess I better make sure that litter box is clean and in good shape.

In the huh? files:

I admit I laughed when I read the following scroll across my screen:

Dead bassist Lesh has prostate cancer

hmmm... I didn't know dead people got cancer?

...then it dawned on me the the guy wasn't dead -- he's the bassist for the Grateful Dead.

Those first thoughts are sometimes real doozies!

Hope he beats it.


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