Saturday, October 14, 2006 it working?

My don't hang out online so much and try to get more things done plan that is.


The first several days I did indeed get quite a bit more done although the pull of the pc was intense (how embarrassing!). Finally got all the details from the SK birthday sale wrapped up and his proceeds sent off to him. Started setting up a makeshift work area for my glass (to be more than makeshift I have to get my brother to do it, and that's just entirely too much work right now). Cleaned up a bit, ran errands I needed to run, etc. Oh! Even managed to trim Zeke's toenails. I know. It doesn't sound like much, but Zekie HATES to have his nails trimmed. The last time I took him to the vet they trimmed his nails. It too three people to hold him and they put a muzzle on him too (he does get really snappy sometimes). Well, I did it by myself with no muzzle. He wasn't terribly happy, but he was pretty good. Snackies are the secret. ;-) A snackie after every toe.

But the last few days have been pretty much wasted. I feel as if I'm fighting getting sick -- I have a steady headache, I'm achy all over, and I'm very very tired. But I don't feel actively sick either, so maybe I'll be able to shake it off and get back to working soon.

And I do need to write a bunch of emails (I think I'm about 20 behind). I don't want people to think I'm totally ignoring them, but when I try to write lately I'm just stumped. Blah. The ones which I need to write first (aiming for tomorrow) are about SK commissions. An email to SK with some questions people have asked, and then several to people who have or are considering commissioning works. Then I have to respond to a bunch of emails people have sent to me...I feel like a slug for not responding yet.

And I have to pack up several more SK art orders (and the prize from the SK art birthday sale too), so I can mail them out Monday. I'm actually surprised we got those orders so soon after the sale. Guess these people just missed it.

I have been reading JLK's blog lately. He's been trying to do one every day or almost every day. They are quite interesting and pretty funny too. I haven't commented on any of them at all (haven't commented much one anyone's lately -- not even the Stevester's), but they are a fun read. And reading it always reminds me I still have to order the re-issued Jack Frost cd. Oh, and the "Easy" single too, although I did try to order that from the Church Merch and I think the shipping costs were messed up. Still, I need to order both of those.


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