Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holy Hail!

What the hail?

Hail hath no fury...

To hail and back

Go to hail!

Hail or high water... Well, we had both yesterday. And funnel clouds and tornado warnings too. Oh my! And I was in my ratty little car during the hail -- luckily, I was just turning into the alley behind the house when the rain first hit, so I wasn't driving in it, just parked and waited it out. It was astonishing to see and hear that hit the car. I was sitting in the car with the hail pounding down thinking "now all I need is for the tornado sirens to go off." They went off when the rain had slowed a bit and I got out of the car. I couldn't help but laugh. When I got to the house and checked the weather report it showed the worst was already past us, so I didn't really worry.

On my way into the house I picked up a bunch of hail and stuck it in the freezer. I just measured one and it has a circumference of 4" Several of them are marshmallow sized -- not bad whan it's a soft puffy thing, but these are hard ice balls. And yes, they left lots of little dents in the hood and roof of my car! But, of course, it's my ratty little gerbil car, so the dents just add a bit more character. That car has a LOT of character now -- it's pretty much lacking in everything else.

The picture is pretty blurry. I'll try to get some better ones later and replace this one, but at least it shows the basic size.


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yikes, that's big hail

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