Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SK Birthday Celebration & Gerbil Car Saga

The SK Birthday Celebration art sale went really well. Technically it's still on until the 27th, but no one's buying because the discounts aren't as great now. There might be one or two stragglers before the end, but I'm not really expecting any.

But on Steve's birthday emails were dropping into my inboxes like crazy with orders and inquiries. It was great! I still can't quite believe how many pieces sold. I'm still working on getting the last orders out. As it is I'm slowing down traffic at the post office. Today when I went in there was no line. But then as I was getting all 15 packages (some international and one insured) processed the line grew until it nearly reached the door. I had all the forms filled out and everything packaged too. Good thing I didn't take all 45 or so packages there at the same time!

On Steve's birthday itself I worked at the art coop gallery, which was great as I had been able to place a quick order with the woman who does the printing for us and pick it up after I got off for the evening. I was due to work again that Friday and would be able to pick up any more print I needed for the sale. I was also able to package up several of the first orders as it was a very very slow day at the shop. Anyway everything was falling into place beautifully and I was feeling mighty pleased.

Yeah. I know. I should always be worried when everything seems to be working out great because something is bound to fuck up. And fuck up something did. This time it was my ratty little gerbil car. I was on the interstate headed for home when it just died. 45 miles away from home and I had my downs syndrome aunt with me. Well fuckity. Strangely I didn't yell "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!" with as much urgency as I did when I got boxed in and lost contact with the vans in Chicago. My car dying on the interstate in Ohio is less stressful than not knowing where the hell I'm going in Chicago.

That took some of the shine off the day, and yet it really didn't turn out so badly after all. I gave my brother a call and he called a garage he always uses and explained the situation -- the guy sent a truck right out for us. But it was still a fair drive before he got to us, so we were sitting there for about an hour and a half (lovely weather though which was great -- on the drive in it rained so hard at times that no one could see and everyone nearly stopped right on the interstate. That was pretty hairy!).

Anyway, while we were waiting for the tow truck I couldn't help but think of those accidents where someone drifts off the road and slams into a disabled car on the highway. I think "Well that better not happen now, because it would just fucking suck to get splattered all over I70 on SK's birthday! Besides, who would send out all the paintings and prints?" I did think that I would probably get a good eulogy though. But that would suck too because I wouldn't be here to read the damned thing!

Back to the car -- for a few moments I thought happily that if the car was really and truly dead that I could get something else. I was really tempted to just see if I could get a ride home and ditch the damned thing. But noooooo, I have to see if it can be fixed and yep...turns out it could be (and now is) and wouldn't even cost that much. Ah well, I'd rather drive a ratty car and do more what I want than drive a pretty car and have to have a real job. I'm trying to hold off working a real job as long as possible.


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