Saturday, September 09, 2006


Got GB3 Emptiness Is Our Business cd in the mail yesterday. Gave it a quick spin and now can't get past "Famished." Very cool song.

The newest Gersey cd No Satellites is also on it's way to me. I've been looking forward to it for a while...hope I like it as much as their others. Their last ep had to grow on me a bit, but I have ended up liking it quite a bit.

Was discussing Mum and Mom with someone the other night. I've used both. When I was young I would always call my mother Mom and thought of her as such. But then when she (and I, of course) got older we moved away from that early mother daughter relationship and Mom just didn't seem so appropriate any more. So I started calling her Mum.

To me the word Mum always conjures up the image of an elderly, slightly batty, but happy little woman, and that really fit my mother. I was born when she was 37 (nearly 38), so by the time I was 30 she was nearing 70. So she seemed more Mum than Mom then. :-)

Goddesses are supposed to have powers, aren't they? I'm the KIABGOA -- I want some powers, dammit! I was thinking about that today. Now admittedly I'm not one of the major goddesses so I suspect my powers are going to be fairly modest. So I want to be able to smite twits -- both in person and online even though what I'm the goddess of is an online entity. Now I know I'm supposed to be nice to the dumb fucks, but I'm a goddess dammit! I wanna smite people. Especially anonymous twit people. >:(


Blogger General Catz said...

Pick your own superpower, and it's yours! As long as no one else has snapped it up yet. Rock on.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Queen Hatshepsut said...

What a great blog H - you need to write more! I miss you - I miss everyone! School will be taking me, body and soul for 9 months. HELP! Anyway, nice bit about mom/mum. I just started liking the word mum better for some reason. I still wish I'd known your mum. She rocks, for bringing you into the world. And yes, you ARE a goddess, and by all means, pick a superpower. I'd like to smite too...mostly people on the road though.
Love ya,

4:04 PM  

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