Monday, July 17, 2006


later i divide n work out the bill
including the tip
thats your job for this tour says tp
just so you have yr own job

If the Fed Ex tube of paintings I received this morning is any indication, Tim might wanna reconsider giving that job to Steve. Early last week Steve told me he was sending me three paintings. On the paperwork on the outside of the package he wrote six paintings. I opened the tube and found five.

It isn't the first time he's done that either. One tube (which was lost in transit for a week, causing enormous stress for both of us) had 10 paintings noted on the outside paperwork, but actually contained 14. Just about every shipment of paintings I get has a different number noted on the outside paperwork than what is actually inside. Just made me snicker a bit

I just figure that's not one of Steve's strong suits. :-) .

Another bit that made me laugh was this:

we say wheres dessert
and we get these bowls of tepid water
with bits of burnt rice in it
is it sweet we ask
sweet asks the waitress
she aint heard that word in this restaurant before
she laughs oooo'
it really actually tastes like dishwater with burnt bitso'rice
maybe its a joke we think

Steve especially apparently has a major sweet tooth so his disappointment was so pitiful.

Plus it reminded me of a story my mum used to tell. When she was young (late teens probably), she got a job as a waitress at a restaurant owned by some family friends. She wasn't very good at it as illustrated by the time a customer asked for a cup of coffee. She got it for him and he took a sip. "Ugghh! This coffee tastes like dishwater!" he exclaimed. She looked at him and said, "Oh! That's just what it is!" (they had two coffeemakers and to clean them they ran dishwater through the perk cycle. She had gotten "coffee" from the one being cleaned...)

Needless to say that was the end of her waitressing days.


Blogger General Catz said...

sorry, laughs all around on this post. can't help myself. maybe he thinks he's fooling his way around customs! lol

6:23 PM  
Blogger Queen Hatshepsut said...

LOLOL! The story about your mum is priceless! I wasn't a very good waitress either...but I didn't quite go as far as she did. And um, yeah, do ANY of these guys actually KNOW Steve? Or do they just not care about their money? LOL!

12:20 AM  

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