Monday, June 19, 2006

this is probably creepy

but I'd like SK to write my eulogy.

What he wrote for Grant, his aunt Irene, even Gerald Georgettis, was so very beautiful. I read so many really great remembrances for Grant, but SK's were among the few really transcendent ones. Even people who don't know or really like SK commented on how good those were. And the one for Irene he actually did read as her eulogy at her funeral (someone who was at the funeral mentioned it in her blog. click here.) And that one was just so sweet. Made me cry.

I want someone to remember me like that.

Besides, if he actually delivered it at my funeral it might help draw a decent crowd. Of course, I'd most likely have to manage to knock off in conjunction with a tour so he'd be here then.

...I wonder if an email saying "Hey, SK, can you write my eulogy for me?" would be too cheeky? And since he's nearly 10 years older than I am, I guess I should tell him he might wanna start on it now. ;-)


Blogger Queen Hatshepsut said...

You know, somehow I really think Steve would be flattered. But that's just me. You crack me up Eek.
"Did you hear old Eek passed away? She was 95 years old."
"Wow, really? Did you know her?"
"No, but I heard Steve Kilbey wrote her eulogy so I'm going to the service!"
Methinks your sweet and kind self will have enough admirers on yer own...but hey, go ahead, ask SK! What's the worst he can say? (Oh never mind....haha)

8:55 AM  

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