Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I think they'll just have to do it without me this time

Not that it matters to anyone but me, because it doesn't. I don't say that to elicit sympathy or pity or such. It's just a simple statement of fact.

I've been planning on seeing them tour for this album since right after the last FY show I saw, even before this album even existed. I always figured I'd see them a few times on this tour too. And I have someone willing to take care of the things that need to be cared for whether I want to go to a concert or not. But this person (my brother) can't do it at the drop of a hat, he needs actual, solid dates so he can get time off. And he's been telling me for several weeks now that he needs set dates as soon as possible. But I haven't seen hide nor hare of those dates, so we can't plan at all which is very frustrating.

And it also occurred to me today that although I've enjoyed reading accounts of the first few European shows -- especially the one in Budapest -- I'm not getting the nearly visceral thrill I've always had before when reading these accounts. Part of that is most likely because I don't know when the US dates will be -- or even if they are going to be -- but part of it also because I'm not a particularly social person and I find dealing with crowds difficult at best. Right now I'm not sure the show or shows will be enough of a thrill for me to make up for the hassle of getting there.

So for the first time in over two years I'm not thinking "When they tour here, I'm going." And I am disappointed, because for so long I was so very excited about the prospect and now I'm just not.


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

You know, I'm feeling the same way this time around. During the last tour, I didn't think I could go but was desperate to see a show. As you know, Riley was nearly weaned just in time and I went to DC. This time, unless they don't tour the US until winter, I will still be Mom's Milk Bar. Matt says he'll try to work something out so I can go, but having him stay in a hotel with two little kids while I go to a concert actually seems ridiculous. I guess we're getting old.

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