Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I like it for bands and musicians. I think for them it's a wonderful way to promote themselves and their music, and for fans it's an easy way to check out new music. I do like to backtrack "friends" of the bands I like and see what they sound like. And it's also a good place to send people who are interested in hearing a band I like.

The personal myspace sites however, I'm a bit more ambivalent about. Including -- maybe especially -- my own. I've never really been comfortable with meat markets (ie, "the dating scene" ) and popularity contests and that's what a lot of the personal myspace sites smack of to me. I have seen several which don't really do that, so it certainly isn't everyone. I guess I'm just not sure what the hell I want to do with my page yet. I already have this journal and a blog elsewhere, so my personal musings are certainly covered.

Right now my top eight "friends" are all bands/musicians/labels I want to point people towards. I sometimes check these for other people, so I figured a few would check mine too. Plus I have a song from an artist I admire there. I'll most likely put up different songs every once in a while. I really should start pushing the artwork also. I could do a blog entry and put up photos etc. That might generate a bit of traffic there.


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

Well, you know my feelings about the place, but I did hear from my long-lost friend JK just the other day. Gave me his lovely wife's new email, he did. And did you know, since I removed my face from the profile picture, no lame-ass single guys trying to score have called me "hot".

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