Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm thinking about getting a TerraPass this year. click here for more info. It doesn't cost much, especially for the car and amount I drive, but I like the idea of funding clean energy. I always thought it would be great to put solar panels on my house...never got around to that though.

And it's a reminder of how much each of us is responsible for the pollution in this world. At least from driving. We are responsible for tons more through the many things we consume. I remember finding a site once that would calculate the size of the "footprint" you made. The smaller the footprint the better. I was pleased to find mine, although large in comparison to much of the world's population, was small compared to the vast majority of people in the US and many other industrialized nations. I do like certain "stuff," but I'm not a huge consumer, so that made a big difference.


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