Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If you're gonna protest...

On my way to the grocery store this afternoon I noticed a handful of people with signs at a intersection. One sign had "State of the Union" and another had "Domestic Spying" (I couldn't read the other one or two) and I thought cool, a little protest.

But then I thought...huh, I'm not actually sure. I mean they were standing on the corner and holding signs so I'm sure they were trying to say something about the State of the Union and domestic spying, but I'm still not exactly sure what. Now I can't really imagine anyone being for domestic spying (or Dubya for that matter), but this is Ohio and embarrassingly I have seen groups of dumb fucks rallying for Dubya and his more moronic ideas, so I realised I really didn't know quite what point they were trying to make.

So my advice is if you're going to make the effort to make signs and stand out in the cold to get your message out, make sure that message is clear to the people reading it.


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

I've seen so many people standing along curbs holding up signs that were written with narrow point Sharpie markers. Don't people realize that if they are protesting something, or selling something, we need to be able to READ the signs while driving towards them???

6:45 PM  

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