Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a few eek whines

I finished changing the prices on all the prints (and unsold originals) on the SK art site. It wasn't hard (I'm so grateful for my cable connection -- I think it would have taken days on dial up), but it was tedious. Made my eyes cross!

We didn't put the prices back up to their pre-sale prices, rather we did a re-evaluation of the pricing and are now charging about halfway between the old regular price and the sale price. I think the prices are fair, and we will occasionally have short term special offers (especially for those who sign up for the SK art site mailing list :-) ).

I'm still working on a Certificate of Authenticity for the original works, but it's more of a pain than I expected. I had a great old program to make up cards and certificates and the like on my pc, but it doesn't work on my new pc. So I bought the new version of the same program and it's a pain in the ass! Why a company would take a nice, easy to use program and fuck it up is totally beyond me. >:(

Today was not the best choice of days to send out packages. Postage rates went up Sunday so everyone was buying 2 cent stamps or the new priced stamps. Huge line at the post office -- longer than any line I saw during Christmas. And I think they were short staffed too, since the line moved incredibly slowly. Took me over a half an hour to get through. But I had no time constraints, so it wasn't too horrible.


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