Thursday, December 29, 2005


God, wouldn't it be embarrassing to have your comment/comments deleted by SK?

I was reading his last couple of entries and in one of them he was ranting about people using the comments section in his blog for their own purposes and how he'd delete comments if they weren't about him. Made me laugh really hard...but then I had this moment of panic when I though "eek! It would be mighty fucking embarrassing to have a comment I made deleted!" And I did a mental review of the comments I'd left. I think I'm ok...but half of my comments were made in the wee morning hours, so I'm not quite sure what the hell I said all the time. (I know, it's really pathetic I would give a shit....)

It will be interesting to see if any comments suddenly disappear.... :-)


Blogger subcultureofone said...

hi eek!
thanks for the xmas card and wishes for wellness. i hope you have a fantabulous new year.

10:27 PM  

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