Thursday, December 22, 2005

got that Christmas spirit!

I just ordered a shitload of stuff from the Church Merch! All for me, me, me, me, me!! :-)

I guess that isn't exactly what people have in mind when they talk about getting into the Christmas spirit, but it's going to have to do this year. I'm not really in the Christmas or even general holiday mood this year and I can't believe Christmas is this weekend. And the new year is going to be here so quickly too. Where the hell did the year go?

I haven't even sent my cards out yet, and I swore I would do it this year. Well I still have a day or two to do it. Most won't make it on time, but what the hell. I have great cards this year, I need to send them.

(The shirts from the tour just went on sale there, so if you want some, it's a good time to check 'em out)


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