Thursday, January 19, 2006

the little things

I was in line at the post office today and one of the guys behind me was bitching about how slowly the line was moving. He didn't just make a comment or two and then let it go, he was getting worked up about it.

It got me thinking about my reactions to things and how I've gotten more able to not get myself upset over relatively small things. At least most of the time. For instance I even surprised myself how little upset I was about a couple of my car windows being smashed. Yeah I was irritated, but it passed realtively soon and I didn't find myself seething about it. And I don't get irritated so much when others do stupid and rude things in traffic, or at the store, etc. And I've gotten better at just leaving conversations online and in real life before I get to the point I'm furious (and sometimes I just don't get into them in the first place).

I think perhaps because I've had enough "big" things -- things that change your life -- happen in my life that a line at the post office or a smashed in car window just don't mean that much to me anymore.

Or maybe I'm just mellowing....



Blogger 12str said...

using a line in the post office, getting rid of inner tensions seems to be very common...i often find myself wathing peoples behavior and thinking to myself that why do you really need documentary soaps on the tv when all you have to do is just going out in public places observing that strange human behaviour;)
take care man!

5:31 AM  
Blogger RA said...

me too...

Went out with kids.. lost really cool keyring (Rush 30th anniversary one with nice Rush logo {yes I know.. I love Rush.. it doesn't make me a bad person.. I love the Church too...} (and house keys) but wasn't really that upset. Slightly aggrieved about over £40 for new door locks, but generally cool about whole thing.

Just age I think.

At 19 that would have wound me up for days. At 39 it's "just one of those things"

What a sensible and mature post I've just made! How grown-up am I? :-)

5:49 PM  
Blogger eek said...

Oh dear god ra....for a second there I thought you were talking about Rush Limbaugh.... Love of the band Rush is pardonable...but love of Rush Limbaugh is not. ;-)


3:57 AM  

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