Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"I'll pray for you"

What a crock of shit that is. Virtually every time I hear that it is in the context of some nasty little twit who's gotten too deep into a discussion or argument and the only counter he/she has is to say "you are a sad and bitter person and I will pray for you." They can't come up with anything on their own, so they have to show their superiority by pointing out their direct line to god.

I'm just reading a thread about a band (INXS) and there are differences of opinion over the whole getting a new lead singer bit. Well one guy has been making these snide little comments when he disagrees with other people, but offers nothing of substance to the conversation. Another guy called him on it and asked him for the reasoning behind his comments. Nastiness ensued and a mod dropped in and told them to knock it off.

So now this guy (the "i'll pray for you" one) just posted a whiny "I don't look for trouble, it just finds me. I'm a friendly person. Other people like to start stuff and I'm blameless" -type post. And then the lovely "I'll pray for you" bit. Ha! But he does like to post nasty little comments and does it frequently (which is why the other person called him on it in this case). He even manages to get in several jabs while telling the other person he'll pray for him. Amazing.

I wonder if in his conversations with god he ever asks for help correcting his own flaws? Somehow I doubt it, because from what I see he doesn't think he has any.

If there is a god I can just imagine him/her/it looking at us and thinking "well, this batch is all fucked up. Think I'll scrap this one and give it another try elsewhere."


Blogger General Catz said...

That's why there's been 5 (i think) major extinctions on this planet already. Eventually, someone will get it right. The earth carries on, the species on it come and go.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

How 'bout "Christians aren't perfect - Just forgiven." As if christ's blood was a get out of jail free card. Bumpersticker blues. I actually have a Jesus fish on my care but it says "Sushi" inside. BTW I have no conclusion on the real point of christ's death other than it being a huge distraction from the way he lived.


9:34 AM  

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