Sunday, March 12, 2006


There's water in the basement again. Not just a little bit this time, but several inches at least throughout the whole thing. Ick. It must have happened quite quickly as I went down there very early this morning at it was fine. Apparently the sump pump stopped working.... Lovely, just lovely.

I know quite a bit of stuff will just have to be tossed, but I don't think there are huge amounts of stuff of mine that should be ruined. Most of what I have down there shouldn't be really bothered by water or is in waterproof containers or is high enough not to be touched.

What I hope is that the furnace, water heater, and washer and dryer don't get ruined. They aren't mine, but they are my brother's and if they had to be replaced it would be a big expense. I think the washer and dryer are out of the water now, so if it doesn't rise anymore over the next 8 or so hours they should be fine. Early tomorrow he's going to get a pump and drain the water out, so we'll have a better idea then.


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

Ugh, that's no fun.

I remember that happening a few times when I lived in Ohio. Once my Grandma W's basement flooded and we used kitchen tongs to fish for floating magazines and boxes of soap powder (complete with floating sudsy trails.

Houses in NC seldom have basements.

Good luck getting everything cleaned up. I hope the appliances aren't damaged!

7:40 PM  
Blogger General Catz said...

that's something doesn't happen here. no basements. but my roof did start leaking. what a pain rain can be!

1:57 PM  

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