Saturday, March 25, 2006

No, I don't get it

I admit it. I don't "get it".

A couple of years ago ('s actually been closer to two and a half years!) when The Church released Forget Yourself I was chatting with a couple other fans online. One woman was upset because she didn't love the whole album. She really did like half to two thirds of the songs and she'd gone seen some of the band's shows supporting the new material and loved the live shows. But here she was, absolutely distraught because she only liked 7-10 songs off her favourite band's new album. So I suggested when she played the cd that she program her cd player to only play the songs she liked (or burn a disc with only the songs she liked). Well that went over like a lead balloon...because, of course, I didn't "get it."

Well, no I don't fucking get it. I don't get why anyone would be distraught over liking "only" seven to ten songs on an album and loving the live performances. And it isn't as if there aren't other Church albums to listen to -- they had at least 13 other albums out at that time (plus solo and other collaborations -- so there was plenty of material to listen to from these guys). I don't get what is so hard about enjoying the hell out of the songs you do like and just skipping the ones you don't. Christ, I love The Church but there are whole albums of theirs I rarely listen to, and I sometimes skip a song or two (or more) off several of their albums. Big deal, I still love them overall.

So then there is Stevie's blog. Steve is an opinionated, cranky old bastard, so he can and does rant sometimes (SK's rants are kind of like Bono's preaching -- just a part of the man. At least with SK you don't have to listen to them at shows. ;-) ). I quite enjoy his blog -- he's writes beautifully and often writes thought provoking entries. I often agree with him, and even when I don't agree he's always interesting. So I read it. But there are people who complain (a lot) that when they read his blog they don't enjoy his music as much (for a few reasons -- don't like to know anything about his personal life; they don't think SK likes them (or more accurately, that he doesn't like their "kind" -- as if SK thinks of anyone who listens to The Church as a "fucking straight" pfftt!); don't like his rants; blah blah blah). You know people, there is a really simple solution to this "problem" -- DON'T FUCKING READ HIS BLOG! But, of course, when I suggest that (not even using caps or nuttin' ;-) ) I get told "you don't get it." Well, no, I don't get it. I don't get it at all. I do not get why you would continue to do something you say you don't like when it's really easy not to do it. I also don't get why you expect SK not to write whatever he damned well pleases on his blog just because you get your shorts in a twist reading it. And to the people who bitch because he's being "negative" or "judgemental" -- just how fucking positive and non judgemental are you being?

And on the same basic line -- I don't get why the people on message boards who can't stand another poster can't just ignore him/her. I can see posting something if the hated poster attacks you or someone else, or if you have something to say on a topic but if you hate them just because they don't post the way you'd like them to (it's called a personality conflict), just ignore them and then get on with your life. But the "you don't spell right," "this is a pointless thread," "you are just a postwhore" comments are rude and juvenile. There's even an ignore button you can use if you don't have the capacity to ignore someone on your own. And, you know, ignoring people is quite satisfying. Not only does it help keep you happier (cause you don't pay attention to those who annoy you), but the best snub of someone who wants attention is to give them none. :-)

Finally, once my mum told me a story about some of my aunts bitching mightily (and in great detail) about those "horrible tabloids" and the trashy stories in them. So she said, "well, then don't buy or read them." Seemed like a simple solution to her, but it was met with looks of abject horror. So I guess not "getting it" is an inherited trait.


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Blogger General Catz said...

Well, you mentioned SK and Bono in the same sentence. I am your slave for life. Except for the little "but at least you don't have to listen to it at shows" snipe :)

I don't get it either. it's like the people who complain about the state of television and try to get everything off they find offensive, even a PBS documentary on the Blues. I still don't know what that was about. Well, people, DON'T WATCH IT. Don't let your kids watch it if you don't like it. But don't tell everyone else THEY can't watch it.

As my favorite drummer, U2's Larry Mullen Jr., likes to say, FOAD! This is an all purpose word for FUCK OFF AND DIE! Gotta love him.

Can you tell me where this Church forum is?

Also, fyi, a friend told me they performed at the commonwealth games earlier this month. Did you know that?

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Blogger eek said...

Well -- it's true! The Church is very much apolitical as a band and at shows SK doesn't really talk about the stuff he blogs about (except sometimes he does yell at rude people :-) ). Whereas U2 is quite political as a band and Bono's spiel is actually part of the show. So if you don't like SK's rants all you have to do is not read his blog, but if you don't like Bono's rants it's harder to avoid them. :-)

The Church forum is at

YES!! They did perform at the CG opening ceremonies. They did Under The Milky Way with the Melbourne Symphony -- it sounded great. But they only got shown for a few seconds. >: That really sucked. Still most people considered it one of the best parts of the show.

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Blogger General Catz said...

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Blogger General Catz said...

thanks, i joined the forum and even posted a funny Marty story :)

btw... bono doesn't rant that much, it's a small part of the show. he's funnier more than anything else, that great irish sense of humor, and loves to interact with the fans.

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Blogger eek said...

I'm just posting a reply to your first post there. :-) I'm miloguidosmom on HW, btw.

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Blogger General Catz said...

Thanks for the post! lol

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