Saturday, May 20, 2006

the vegetarian thing -- part 2 -- and various ponderings

Had a bit of a backslide at the end of April -- my cravings for a steak got too strong, so I got a very nice ribeye steak, cooked it just the way I like it and had the side dishes I like most with it, and ate it.

And you know what? It wasn't all that great. In fact after a while I began to wonder how on earth I was going to finish it. So I didn't, but the dog was delighted. ;-) Since then I've found it much easier because I'm pretty sure I'd have a similar reaction to most meats now. Anyway, I was a bit discouraged when I first caved in to my craving, but I think it actually was a very good thing as the cravings are definitely not nearly as intense now.

Still on the topic of food -- I cooked up a really nice split pea soup tonight. Very simple -- dried split peas, a vidalia onion, carrots, water, and a bit of salt -- but really tasty. The carrots and vidalia onions make it quite sweet, and I like that. I'll have some tomorrow with crusty french bread. And there is enough to have it several more times too.

Talking with someone tonight about SK's newest blog entry and I mentioned his "televangelist" spiel at the beginning of CA Redemption Value. I haven't listened to Isidore in a few months, but that triggered me to listen tonight. I've listened to it all night. Really looking forward to the new one too.

Also remembered (and re-read) the interview Heather did with Steve about that album. I miss talking to Heather. Found Mario's page on Myspace though, and we are now on each others friends list there. So I guess she's still around.

And something that puzzles me. In reading the comments on SK blog I've come across several similar to this one (which was in today's comments):

"I'm sorry, lately I just feel like Steven is the Enlightened One and if you dare disagree with him on ANY of his pet subjects you're an imbecile and totally UNenlightened."

I must be missing something because I just don't see this. I think he's funny, opinionated, smart, caring, cranky, a terrific writer and musician, and, well, right about a lot of things. I disagree with him sometimes, but hell I disagree with everyone sometimes.

Does SK rant about things? Of course. I got treated to one (not a huge one) on the phone one day when I asked about something -- something we'd talked about before with no hint of a rant from him. I admit I thought "ah shit. Now what am I gonna do?" But he stopped, we went on with the conversation, and I brought the subject up again a bit later and did manage to get a kind of grudging ok from him. Have discussed the same topic a couple more times in the months since with little problem. I think he must have just been feeling pressured. I don't know -- but I do know that I didn't feel as if he thought I was stupid or anything.

I guess I do have the benefit of actually dealing with him, but I don't "measure up" in most ways -- I'm not fit; I need to lose weight; I don't meditate, do yoga, or swim; and I don't share his belief on the god front (not quite sure what I believe there -- just consider me confused). And SK knows this. Yet he's always been kind, decent, and interested in my opinion, even when it differs from his.

But I don't think my opinion would be a whole lot different if I didn't know him because what I believe or do has almost always been at odds with the people around me -- people in my neighborhood, even within my own family. But I've always felt as good (or better ;-) ) than anyone else. So if I feel I'm as good as or better than someone, that person isn't going to be able to make me feel stupid very easily.

I do think there are a few people who irritate SK though. The guy (I'm assuming it's a guy, cause I just can't see a woman doing it) putting very early SK lyrics in the comments. Not sure what that guy thought he was doing.... And the gun guys, especially the one who figured if SK would just come to the range with him, he would suddenly understand. The gun guys seem to think SK only wants to take guns away from decent, law abiding citizens. Whereas what I got is that he doesn't like guns in anyone's hands -- private citizen or government. He would prefer if they didn't exist at all. And I think he is fully aware that what he would like in that regard is a case of what should be, not what is, or even what can be.

And a funny thing about the gun guy who doesn't have any respect for SK now because he said SK negatively stereotyped him and showed him no respect -- he does exactly what he accused SK of doing. He's done it to me. He's pulled the "you people believe [insert stereotypical comment here]" many times in debates. And according to him the only reason SK would deign to talk to me is that I "bought" him (SK). How's that for respect?


Blogger General Catz said...

i've heard several veggies make the kind of comment you did -- that caving in and having that piece of meat didn't produce the nirvana they expected. pretty common really, to go without something for awhile then realizing it's not quite what you expected. goes for a lot of things.

as for the guy on sk's blog, he just sounds like one of those "my opinion is the only one that counts" sort of people. you gave him way too much space in your blog. funny how the morons elicit so much response and the good ones tend to go unanswered... then they become disheartened and stop responding. squeaky wheel gets the grease sort of thing i suppose!

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