Saturday, June 17, 2006

well fuckity, part 2

So I took my ratty little gerbil car in to get the back part of the exhaust system replaced Thursday and I also got new tires (no point in getting the exhaust fixed without getting new tires since I wasn't going very far on the old tires...) and an oil change. They said it would take two or so hours, so I decided to walk to the Target just down the road.

It was a lovely day and I started off. As I got closer (it was just over 1/2 a mile to the store) I noticed my left foot started to feel odd -- a bit painful too. Then the right one started to feel the same way, and I realised what was happening. I was wearing shoes that although comfortable, I've never really walked a lot in. So what happened is I managed to get large blisters across the bottom of both feet (right across the ball of my foot). They got even larger on the way back to the muffler store.

Then I came home and helped my brother get his motorcycle ready (he does motorcycle endurance racing) and his van and trailer packed so he could head off for the weekend. That took the whole night -- we finished and he left around 4:30 am Friday. So I was on my feet the vast majority of that time.

So today I can hardly walk. The left one is the worst -- I have to curl my toes under so the ball of my foot doesn't touch the ground too much as the blister is quite large and feels a lot like I have a rubber ball stuck to the bottom of my foot. It pretty much prevents me from rolling my foot forward as I normaly do when walking. The right isn't as bad, although it's also hard to step normally on it. And stairs (which I have to use in this place) are really hard! My feet aren't really sore except for those damned blisters. I mean it wasn't really that long of a walk. It was just that the shoes don't work well for that kind of use.

I think they will be a lot bettter in the next couple of days (the right one seems better even now), but it's just kind of embarrassing to be so incapacitated after walking only one lousy mile.

The car sounds good though. :-)


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