Friday, September 29, 2006


Some people I know from a message board are getting ready to go to the Church show at the Gov in Adelaide. They are really excited. I hope it's a great show and they have a wonderful time! And I wanna hear all about it too.

I was also remembering this evening one of the early blogs Steve did was from Adelaide last year. He didn't have his laptop then and so was writing them from various cafes. His comments on the Naughty Nurse were priceless!

I finally ordered Steve's birthday gift and it is being shipped to me. I just checked the tracking today and it's supposed to be delivered Monday. Damn. I knew I should have gone for the one day shipping. It wasn't that much more and would have gotten it here today, so I could turn around and ship it to him. I have a meeting in Yellow Springs Monday evening (besides I'm going to be picking up a print order and a batch of SK originals I have there for photographing), which may make it tricky to get the package back out on Monday. Even shipped on Monday it isn't scheduled to get to him until Thursday, which is later than I'd hoped. That's what I get for being a slacker.

I hope he likes it. I think it's mighty pretty. :-)

I also have to finish tallying up the totals from the SK birthday sale. On his birthday 52 prints sold. I thought that was hilarious!

Also have to change the site back to showing the regular prices. And do the drawing for the painting we are giving away.


Blogger General Catz said...

52 prints sold? that IS amazing. i bet he got a kick out of it.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Queen Hatshepsut said...

Oh that's a riot. 52 prints. What a coinkydinky. I'm dying to know what you got SK. You're so nice - I still haven't mailed him the stuff I bought him - about 4 months ago!!!!

9:36 PM  

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