Sunday, November 05, 2006


I found my biscuit cutter tonight! Yay!!

I know, I know, what a pitiful thing to write a blog entry about, but I have been in this house over a year and have looked everywhere I could think of several times trying to find it to no avail. I have been forced to use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for my biscuits -- oh the horror!

So tonight I was looking for the battery charger and I moved something out of the way and there, as plain as day, was the biscuit cutter. Best thing to happen all day (yeah, that is pitiful, but I have a cold, so I haven't actually done much today. On a normal day it would probably be a couple down from the top ;-) ).

What's really strange about finding it where I did is I have looked for it in that spot several times during the year. It would just be my luck that my house is haunted by biscuit making ghosts.


An update on a previous post:

The art reproduction woman of a few posts ago got in touch with me just a day or so after I posted that entry. She finished up the work and got everything back to me, so I put some of the paintings up on the SK art site (I still have to put the shopping cart buttons for the prints and cards on yet). What a relief to have the pieces back. Took waaaay too long, but at least it's done and we can move along.

I'm planning on re-vamping the SK art site a bit. I think I can now have a more "real" homepage as opposed to just jumping right into the "gallery" of paintings, and I can also separate the work into two or more groupings as opposed to just having one large mass of images for people to wade through.

Terri suggested that I separate the images of original paintings which are available from the images where only prints are available. I like that idea. Right now I'm thinking of three divisions:

1) Original works available for sale. Recently sold works may stay briefly, but will eventually be moved.

2) Prints and/or cards. Images of every painting which has either prints and/or cards available for sale. Some of these pieces will also be found in the originals for sale section. I don't want the people looking for just prints or cards to miss them just because the original hasn't yet sold.

3) Images of original works which have sold, but for which we offer no prints or cards. This will be just to show SK's variety of work, and to keep the prints and/or cards section from becoming hugely cluttered.


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