Friday, November 24, 2006

Steve's Art

Working on setting up a group of 19 older SK paintings on my photobucket site. Once I get all the info in and correct I'm going to send out an email to the the SK art mailing list with a link so they can see them and purchase if they want. Steve didn't want them up on the regular art site and I have to agree with him. I do like many of these, but for the most part his newer work is much more mature and developed. Some of these have the feel of studies rather than completely finished works, but some are very nice pieces which just didn't sell earlier. The really cool thing for the people on the mailing list is that not only do they get first (and probably only) dibs on these pieces, but the prices on these will be excellent. The images won't be nearly as good as the ones on the regular site as they are just snapshots I took. They aren't colour corrected and most are a bit lopsided, but they do give a pretty good idea of what they look like. And all of them will look more intense and vibrant in person, so I think people will be pleased. I just have to make sure I note that in the email to the list.

I'm also supposed to be picking up a new set of small (8"x10" to 9"x12") SK paintings from the photographer on Monday and will put them up on the regular SK art site. That, combined with the email-list-only early works and the set of larger pieces I put up earlier (but didn't push much as I wanted people to focus on the paintings SK had up on ebay), means there will be a LOT of SK original art available to buy very soon. I did expect sales to be slow after the big SK birthday celebration sale and they have been. Of course, the five large paintings I put up a little while ago didn't get up nearly as soon as I wanted (early November vs mid September) and then I really haven't pushed them. Plus, I expect that most people are buying the paintings for themselves and during the Christmas shopping season the focus is on buying gifts for others. People should be more like me, dammit! Buy for yourselves! ;-)

I'm going to work on re-vamping of the art site that I outlines in a previous post. I hope that will make it easier for people to find what they want there. Because we have quite a few images up it's quite a slog to get through them all. I'm also thinking of allowing people to do a payment plan if they find a piece they love but can't afford it all at once. It would still have to be a relatively short timeframe -- maybe 2 or 3 months -- and I think I might restrict it to people on the mailing list at first as kind of a test to see if it works, but it could encourage people who want to take that step and buy an original to actually do it.


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