Monday, December 18, 2006

art, ebay, and bread

I put a bunch of new small paintings up on the SK art site a few days ago and so far they are going quite well. Several have even had a couple people interested in them. That's good as it shows they are well liked, but I do always feel bad when I have to tell people the piece they asked about is already sold. And some of the older paintings I put up on photobucket (and then gave people on the SK email list the addy for it) are also selling. It's always great to see the interest in his work.

I also put two of his paintings up on eBay and now they both have bids! A little under three days to go. They are the pieces used for the reissued Jack Frost cd. Of course I'm hoping for a bidding war and the price of each to go up, but if they sell at the current price it's still a good price. There are over a dozen people "watching" each auction so chances are decent that there will be more bidding.

I was so stressed putting them up there even though I told him (and myself) that it was a no lose situation the way I set up the auction. I asked him beforehand if he would be happy with the amount I put as the minimum bid and he did ok it, so if they only got one bid we wouldn't be horrified. And if they got no bids we would only have minimal listing fees, so wouldn't be out much there either. But it's still stressful to have someone else relying on me to make the correct decisions with this. Putting them up this close to Christmas wasn't the best timing and I kind of regret that. But I'm not sure any time in the next two to three months would be any better.

If these do well I'd like to put one or two pieces on eBay periodically. I think it can help to establish the value of his art, making people more comfortable to pay the asking prices on the sk art site and perhaps allowing us to raise those prices too although I think they are pretty good for now. I think commission prices, however, are too low and SK and I need to discuss raising them. They are currently lower than comparably sized pieces he does not on commission and they shouldn't be that low. At minimum they should be the same price, and I think they really should be a bit more.

Now to really change the subject -- I made bread a few days ago. I love fresh homemade bread. It was excellent and I'm planning on making a couple more loaves for Christmas. I'll probably make wheat bread this time (the first batch was white) as I really like the taste better. Several years ago (about 15 now -- damn. Didn't realise it had been so long until I gave it some thought) I made all my own bread. One Saturday every month I would make several batches of bread and freeze it to use over the next month. I would buy bulk yeast and organic flour in 25 lb bags. Even made bagels and english muffins. I kept it up for a year and a half. Don't think I'll go that far now, but every once in a while it's nice to whip up a couple of loaves.

Made some cookies last night and plan to make more today. Gonna send a bunch out to my sister as part of her Christmas gift. I was thinking of some Graeter's ice cream (Graeter's makes the BEST ice cream!), but decided $11+ per pint was a bit much, even for fabulous ice cream. So I'm going to send her a box of Mike Sell's potato chips (which she also loves), home made cookies and a gift card. That should do.


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