Monday, March 05, 2007


I've been a fan of Gersey since first hearing Storms Dressed As Stars a few years ago. They are one of the few bands which instantly grabbed me -- I couldn't stop listening to that album when I first got it. I've recommended them to several people over the years and although a few have liked them a bit, I've never had anyone have the instant or intense reaction I did. I guess they just aren't for everyone. I bought it based solely on a short review Steve Kilbey did on it on the Newspapertaxi site. His description sounded so good to me I had to order it. I didn't even listen to the couple of mp3s up, I wanted to hear the whole thing fresh.

I have to admit I didn't expect to love it as much as I did, but it just clicked with me. A few weeks later I ordered their first full length cd Hope Springs and I loved that right away too. I looked for their first ep Bewilderment Is A Blessing but I was only able to find it one place and they were asking $40 or $45 (US) for it. I decided that was a bit high for an ep and didn't get it. Good thing too, as last year they re-released both Storms and Hope and the ep was included on the re-issue of Hope Springs. I would have been kind of irritated if I had paid that much for it only to have it re-released soon there after. Plus more of the money I spent went to the band this way. The re-issue of Storms Dressed As Stars has several live songs as bonus material including a song named "Soldiers" which I'd not heard before, but really like a lot. Plus there was a very nice set of liner notes by SK in the booklet. Since Newspapertaxi went poof those notes are a nice reminder of the review that got me to buy my first Gersey cd. Plus it's really complimentary of Gersey, so it must be cool for them too. Always nice to hear good things about your work.

In 2005 they released an ep Eyes Are Wide Tonight which was a bit of a departure for them in that it was a bit "harder" sound. The songs on first three releases were lush, shimmery, and swirling as they built to a crescendo. These new songs got there quicker and while I quite enjoyed them I was worried I would be disappointed with a full album if they continued in the same vein.

Last year saw the release of their third full album No Satellites and they did indeed continue on the path they started down on the Eyes Are Wide Tonight ep. I bought the album as soon as I knew it had been released and when it came I ripped it to itunes and listened to it once. I was so disappointed. Where was the Gersey I loved? just didn't seem like my Gersey. I knew they have to develop and change in ways that work for them, and I knew that new direction sometimes isn't what works for me. So I didn't feel betrayed or that they had "lost" it, but I did feel sad. I felt a bit as if I'd lost a friend. Still...I did have two albums and an ep I absolutely loved (and I did quite like the second ep too) and that's not at all bad.

Earlier this year I was checking out the Gersey Myspace page and I heard this song and thought "I kind of like that" and I noticed it was "Searchlights" from No Satellites. Hmm. Maybe I should give that album another listen. So I put on my new good headphones (nice Sennheisers - I figured I had to give this the best chance to impress me this time around) and listened.

Damn. Damn! It was good! And not only was it good, but it really was still my Gersey. Yeah, it's different, but not completely different. Think of it this way -- you get foreplay, some wham bam, thank you ma'am, and then the afterglow. In the current Gersey the wham bam part is more prominant than it has been. That can be a very good thing!


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