Monday, May 28, 2007

painting on ebay

One of Steve's paintings -- a small one of Keith Richards -- is up for sale on ebay. The guy who has it now is going through a divorce and needs the cash. He's asking substantially more for it than what he paid. It will be interesting to see if he gets a buyer for it -- I have it on my watch list. I actually hope he does get what he's asking for it because a strong secondary (re-sale) market can help encourage people to buy Steve's art in the first place. Plus that secondary market can mean Steve's art is worth more than we are currently charging, and the prices will rise. While I understand that isn't great news to those looking to buy, having his work command increasingly higher prices is one of the goals of most artists. And for people who do buy a painting and later need or want to sell it, a strong re-sale market means they won't lose money on the deal, and may very possibly make money.

I'm also very interested to see how this piece does on ebay baceuse I have the go ahead from Steve to put some of his work on ebay. We did sell the two paintings for the re-issued Jack Frost cd on ebay last year and they did bring good prices. He also sold three others -- the ULTC cover, the Block cover, and the painting used for the "A Quiet Night In" tour posters -- through the band on ebay. Those three brought fantastic prices. So far all of Steve's paintings sold on ebay have brought more than similarly sized pieces sell for on the SK art site -- I think in each case it's been at least double. I have been hesitant to put up pieces on ebay so far this year because I frequent an artists' forum and many people there who sell on ebay say both the views and the prices are way down so far this year. I don't want to put work up on ebay unless I feel it has a good chance of bringing a good price. So this is an excellent opportunity to see how a piece of Steve's art does on there now. It also gives a bit of publicity to SK as an artist, which is another plus to occasionally listing work on ebay.

Should be a very interesting auction to watch.


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