Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just Rambling

I signed up for last fm just over a week ago (because I stumbled across a journal entry I wanted to comment on and had to register). Anyway, it's kind of fun looking at all the charts and stats and "neighbors" and voting on pics for fave bands/musicians and such. I do have to laugh at the "social music revolution" bit though -- ha! I'm about the least social person, not only in person but even online. I have to admit I'm genuinely baffled by people who go out all the time with friends or to parties, or even post loads of messages in chat threads or comments of Myspace, Last fm, and such places. I mean after a while what is there to talk about? I can do it for a while, but pretty soon I just can't figure out what to say/write that hasn't already been said/written (lots of times) -- well the Myspace comments section is always tough...not quite sure why, except that there doesn't seem to be any context at all -- just comments hanging out there. Always feels weird to post those.

A friend sent me a friend request on Myspace (a shocker in itself as she claimed she couldn't stand Myspace and would never have a page there and then I didn't reply until she yelled at me -- through a message -- because I didn't know it was her). She said she finally decided to do it so she could keep up with people easier. While I think it's great she asked me and all, it's also really strange for me. I look at her page, and see the ongoing conversations...and I just find it very hard to write anything. Everyone seems to know everyone else except for me and I just can't get comfortable enough to join in. At least it's not quite as bad as in-person gatherings when I'm stuck there instead of just clicking a mouse and going away.

My neighbors had a party over the weekend. Seems to have lasted the whole weekend. I couldn't quite believe it when I heard it start back up on Sunday. It's a whole duplex of college students, so lots of alcohol, music I don't really like (I can't really complain though as it wasn't rap or hip hop -- sorry to anyone who likes it, but even the best of it just gives me a headache -- and it wasn't all that loud), and every word any of them said the whole weekend was at full volume. I did get a bit of a laugh out of the condom conversation this afternoon though.... But the upshot of this all weekend long party is that I get creeped out by people around when I doing stuff like being out in my yard or taking a walk (going to a park or such -- there's just no way). So after running a few errands Saturday morning (before the party started) I pretty much stayed in the house. I'm not used to doing that, especially in nice weather, but the prospect of going out when there are a lot of people outside next door makes me ill. Logically I know they don't even notice me, but logic doesn't come into play much with this kind of thing. Oh well, give me 10 more years and I'll be one of those people who never leaves the house. I really hate that part of cities -- why must they have people, damn it?

There are a couple of tomcats that sometimes hang around. One is solid black and fairly young. He's a very friendly guy and loves to be patted. He'll even let me pick him up, but he doesn't like it much. Isn't too afraid of Zeke (Zeke is good with cats though so that helps) and just seems to be a nice easygoing guy. I did see him doing the same routine for my elderly neighbor lady as he does for me, so I suspect he has a series of people he hits up for attention and food. Little devil. The other tom is black and white and has obviously seen better days. He has a gimpy hind leg (not real bad as he can run pretty damned fast, but there is a hitch in his gait), scars all over from years of fighting, and is just generally unkempt. He's much more wary than the younger cat (but the younger cat is very wary of him, so I think he might still pack a wallop in a fight), but late last week he came up on the back deck for some food I put out and he actually let me give him a few little pats. He didn't look particularly thrilled, but it made me feel good.

Working on setting up an art exhibit for Steve in Atlanta this fall -- probably November. I sent him an email about it but he wants to talk on the phone, so he's supposed to call this week. I both look forward to and dread those phone calls. Sometimes I feel like responding ''Just read the fucking email, ok?!" but he is right -- once the phone conversation gets started it is easier to work out details and hash out ideas. And I do have to admit once they get started I enjoy them as he can be great fun and remarkable easy to talk to. It's just the build up to them is incredibly stressful for me.

And I'm planning on going to the opening (well...if I can get SK there. That could be a challenge. ) even though I will probably make myself sick worrying about it. Same deal with the concerts -- again, if they tour here -- I want to go and almost certainly will go to some, but I will make myself ill for a couple months beforehand. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, back to the art exhibit. I'm aiming for November (work will stay up for a month or two). The time I've heard for the band to be touring the US is Sept/Oct, so with any luck that will mean late October, and I'll be able to get SK to finish the tour and then come back to Atlanta for an opening. I don't see being able to be able to get him here just for the art opening -- both because he won't want to and because the cost would be beyond what we could do. I'd love to be able to set him up to do a solo (music) show or two...or better yet, a couple of SK and MWP shows -- wouldn't that be great!! as well, but I'll be doing good just to get him to do a reception. Oh. And he hates meet and greets with a passion. And just what are art openings/receptions? Yep, they are fucking meet and greets. If he agrees to do a reception and then pitches a hissy fit when we get there I swear I will bitch slap him so hard he will have an impression of my hand on his face for the rest of his life.


Blogger snowfaller said...

Oh I hope you didn't have to put up with doof doof all weekend...

Good luck putting the art exhibit together! Oh what a dream it would be if it coincided with a late October US tour and SK showed up at the exhibit.

It's always nice to dream, right? Sometimes they do come true.

7:34 PM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

don't fret~~i'm not very much of a social butterfly, either. for two reasons, one being i really don 't have much time to, and the other that i am quite shy. i never know how to act at gatherings. i'm better with one or two people than with a crowd. i'm always self-conscious of myself.

we have a few resident stray cats in my apartment complex. christina has kinda unofficially adopted each one of them, and then when she comes inside to our official cat, sylvester, he goes nuts~~i think the scent of the females makes him bonkers. he's fixed, but he still reacts anyway. i used to have a cat that did exactly what that other one does~~although george's official home was with us, he was the neighborhood moocher, too. and he was like clockwork~~george would hit certain houses at certain times of the day, knowing when the owners would be home, to get his fixings of food and attention, and then he would come home to us in the evening. yep, george was a one-of-a-kind. been gone 17 years, but i still miss him like yesterday.

that would be great if you can get steve to come to the opening. but i know how he feels~~been to a few myself, and it's all just pomp and circumstance. i'd rather just forgo all the wine and cheese and hand-shaking and look and enjoy the art..... :)

11:33 AM  

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