Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm just going to ramble* here

UTMW (reg. Starfish version) is playing and I'm reminded how much I love this song. When I think of my favourite Church song, this one doesn't usually get listed in my top ten because they have so many songs I love, but whenever I hear it I'm struck by how perfect it is and how much I do love it. Hell, it was my first Church song, how could I not love it?

I got a bit cranky in TTB comments section yesterday, which I imagine anyone reading this already knows. I've been trying to not react much to the comments there, but the comment that got me just seemed pointlessly mean and I did react. The weird thing is it wasn't even the worst comment I've seen. But it caught me at the right time I guess. I'm not just saying this because Veleska reads my blog, but I can't recall her ever saying anything mean about anyone on the comments section there. I mean most of us have bitched about "people who [fill in blank with assholeish type of the day]" and she has too, but I can't recall any personal slams from her there. I don't see why leaving complimentary comments should warrant getting jumped on. As for my comment -- it was kind of a two parter and I should have left it at the first part. Sometimes I don't need to say everything I'm thinking.

So now I'm going to blather on about how I read, or don't read, comments on TTB. Not really of interest to anyone else, but I was thinking about it today so I'm writing it down. It's my blog and I can do it if I wanna, damn it!

I used to read every comment, but more recently I've begun skipping several. There are days I do read almost all of them, but as part of attempting to control my tendency to smack (just a little virtual smack) people I think are being jerks I will skip certain people's responses most, if not all of the time. These are the people nearly always leave mean comments. I figure they are just trying to get a rise out of people and I'm trying not to give them what they want. Let the little bastards choke on their frustration at not getting any response. There is one person who often references Buddhist (I think) teachings and puts in various links -- this person seems nice enough, but it's just not something I'm interested in so I don't read it. Really long posts I rarely read either. Sometimes I will skim them to see if I'm interested, but often the skim does well enough. And poetry or song lyrics -- I generally don't read those comments either.

I've never been much of a poetry fan. While there have been poems that have moved me deeply, I can't pick a favourite poet or even a few I like (unless SK is included I suppose. I do like his writing, but his most poem-y blog entries tend to be my least favourite of his). I like it better read aloud (not by me, but by someone else), but even then it has to be done so it's not overly dramatic. SK actually does a great job of it. He has a lovely voice and a good flair for the dramatic without being overwrought. I really enjoy the pieces he read from his Earthed book for the re-issue of the Earthed cd. I do occasionally read the book, but I find I get more out of the ones on the cd. Hearing them makes a huge difference in my perception of them.

And song lyrics. I think of myself as someone who often likes songs for their lyrics, yet I rarely read them, and even more rarely read them without the song playing. I find that even for songs I know very well I can often not recognise the lyrics without the music. And when I do read them without the music I often find the lyrics I get so much out of in songs don't do much for me. In so many songs the words compliment the music and the music fills in the words -- an example of the whole being much more than the sum of it's parts.

And you know when I picked eek for a name (it was taken on blogger for blog titles, so I went with a combo of eek and indra which is a name I use on another messageboard) I thought it would be obvious what gender I am. But I guess it isn't because a fair number of people either guess wrong or have to ask. It is kinda fun to keep people guessing. :-D

I think that's enough rambling for today.

* Ramble -- I love that Jack Frost song. :-)


Blogger veleska1970 said...

in regards to the persistant "trashing" of fellow TB fiendss, i don't understand what is going on there, either. what are these idiots doing on there in the first place? as i have joked with a few other TB'ers that have been trashed, we should form a club and have a convention once a year. at last observance, i don't think there are ANY of us regulars who haven't been trashed yet~~you, myself, queen h, andyL, stealthblue, mattdavison~~did i leave anybody out?

i'm like you~~i don't answer, either. they're like bullies on a playground~~if they get a rise they just keep it up. so i ignore them. well, 99.99% of the time~~yesterday i mocked the idiot by asking him/her to come give me a kiss. i hope the sarcasm pulled their fangs, but i guess i won't find out until the next time i compliment steve or anyone else. :/

i think it's very obvious you're female, so that comment on TB this morning kinda perplexed me. ???veleska1970 is a username i used to use at an olg blog site i belonged to about 3 or 4 years ago. i needed something i could remember, and the blog was set up so that you had to put numbers in it, too. something like a password. so i just used my name and birth year. it was easy to remember and at the time it was all i could come up with!!

9:11 AM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

**uggghhhh!!** the horror~~that's "persistEnt". man, my spelling/grammar is getting worse and worse by the day. must be old age. **ooof**

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice comeback veleska
pow-right in the kisser
I was wonderin bout zee
five knuckle shuffle meself
that could give a man
oohhh so bad
soooo very good
to be naughty
ain't it?


12:12 PM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

thanks, ~. i thought it might do the trick. ;)

oh yeah~~the notorious "five knuckle shuffle"....i was gonna commment about that. exactly when does the wife get home???

1:18 PM  
Blogger snowfaller said...

Glad you liked the nose comment...

I check his blog site about 20 times a day (no lie) just to see if there is anything new. After the bit about RSI I still checked thinking there may at least be some pictures.

I was shocked when there was a blog. All I could think of was SK sitting in front of his laptop jonesing to blog but knowing he can't use his hands and using his nose!

Hope your cats are recovered. I have two little furry freaks myself.

Now today there is another blog! I hope he's taking care of his wrists considering it's his livelihood.

Personally, I think he may just be addicted to blogging!

(I'm the owner of Lost In A Naive Forest, View From My Studio, and Process Of Nature in case you haven't figured out who I am...)

Thanks for taking care of the art stuff. I've been close to buying another one lately.

8:08 PM  
Blogger snowfaller said...

BTW, F the dude asking your gender.

In the first place - how the hell can anybody not know you are The Advisory Board?!?!?!?

Plus, it's not like this is or something.

What an idiot...

8:10 PM  
Blogger eek said...

v -- i don't think the person I jumped on was the "regular" jerk. She actually put her name in one of the posts, so at least that shows more balls than the standard bashers.

~ -- yep. naughty is lots of fun. :-D

s -- ever notice that his ranking goes up when he doesn't post when people expect him to? Apparently many of us keep checking for new posts and those extra visits drive up his views. And yes, I do believe he is quite hooked on the blogging. In Indianapolis he wrote his blog entry just after soundcheck, and then he kept checking it for comments. Apparently he does that a lot.

ahh! I remember those pieces! View From My Studio is an especially popular print and card.

As for my gender -- I thought it was pretty obvious too, but I've had so many people assume I'm male. Sometimes that can be very interesting. ;-) But I was sure the name eek would seem girly. I can't think of many guys who would use eek as a name, do you?

hmm...the Painting Advisory Board -- I'm just glad he didn't call me the Painting Advisory Broad! :o

(I shouldn't use that smilie -- one night a few years ago when SK was in Antenna with a few of us I kept teasing -- through PMs -- another woman who kept using it. Whenever she'd use it, I'd PM her and say "I see you're using the blowjob smilie again." Ah, fun times. :-)

5:58 AM  
Blogger eek said...

NK, the Doodles, and Bumper are supposed to get back this Friday. That will be his today. So he will be either really frazzled or really happy. :-)

6:15 AM  

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