Saturday, April 04, 2009

It figures

June 25 -- The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI
June 26 -- Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

US Church gigs!


...except my sister, who said she'd come and take care of Diane and the cats and dog for while I go see some gigs, can't do it that one week. And you just know a Chicago show is going to be either the 24th or the 27th. While I hate getting into and around in Chicago (I always get lost there and drivers in Chicago honk at everything -- actually I think they just honk for the sheer hell of it...I'd like to cram their freaking horns down their throats), the gigs are usually really good. So that's totally sucking.

However, I've heard the tour is supposed to begin on June 10 in San Diego and run until about July 11th. So I'm thinking they will continue east, and then may go down the east coast and perhaps even circle back west to end. So I figure I should be able to catch up with them somewhere along the east coast. But they were supposed to check with me before scheduling shows in the midwest, damn it!

Hmm...maybe I could get my brother to take care of things for me for a show or two during this week and then have my sister hold down the fort while I catch other shows the next week. I like that plan. I'll have to work on that. :-D

Oh my god...I'm listening to a bootleg of MWP's Winchester Tavern gig from last year and it's hilarious! That was my first (and so far, only) solo MWP (or any Church member) gig, and it was such a good time. I absolutely adore the shows by the whole band, but Marty is a hoot. He played for about three hours and told stories and jokes all through it. A couple people said they would have rather he played more and talked less, but I love the chatter. And he did play a shitload of songs. I certainly hope to be able to catch more solo MWP gigs. I'm pretty sure I'll never see a solo SK show since I can't see him doing any here. Can't have everything I suppose.


Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

Yeah, I completely understand your predicament. I'm hoping for easily accessible (by air in my case) Saturday show too. Maybe the planets will align and we can meet up.

9:08 AM  
Blogger General Catz said...

That means LA and hopefully phoenix after the start date. Or at the end. Hopefully you will find someone to take care of your business before they come out your way?

1:42 PM  
Blogger Queen Hatshepsut said...

FUCKERS! I am supposed to leave town around the 10th but I swear I will change my plans for the Church. SO annoying.

The planets must align for ALL OF US! Or the Church should really check with all our schedules. ;)

12:49 AM  

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