Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BOC, LBC, and SK Art

I think I'm gaining a bit of a buddy in BOC. He's been coming around every night (early morning actually) and sitting on the bench on the deck and staring at my kitchen door. I look out it periodically through the night and whenever I see him I go feed him. Looks like the clever old fellow has me trained quite nicely! He now seems to actually like a bit of patting before and sometimes while he's eating. Of course he knows he'll get as much food as he wants and because he's been coming around regularly, he doesn't seem quite as hungry every time. Still, he eats one to one and a half cans of food every day.

I'm planning on making some cat shelters to put on the deck (part of which has a roof) or porch for winter shelter for any strays needing it. A nice shelter and a Snuggle Safe microwave warming disc will keep a cat nice and toasty. I had a couple of cats at my last place who liked outside and I was able to keep them nice and warm on the porch in a heavy box with some bedding and one of those discs. If the cat is right there when you bring it out and lays on it, it will stay warm all night. Alex (the cat with the solid gold kitty plumbing since his little urinary tract blockage problem late last year) was a porch kitty for a while. He absolutely loved his Snuggle Safe. I'd like BOC to be able to live out the rest of his life in the relative luxury of the house, but he seems so wary and set in his ways I'm not sure that will ever happen. The poor kitty is all beat up and has a bit of a limp going on one of his hind legs. He's certainly lost several battles over the years. I'll keep working on him and maybe he'll decide to give it a try. :-)

LBC has also continued his nearly daily visits too. While BOC mostly comes for food (but does seem to enjoy a bit of attention too), LBC loves to lounge around on the deck and get plenty of attention. He even likes to come in the house sometimes, but Oscar really doesn't like that at all and makes sure everyone knows it. One night Oscar jumped on LBC and I had a cat spat to break up. Not my idea of a good time. Anyway, LCB has his summer weight (which means he's skinny as a rail) and never turns down dinner (although a few times he's asked for a different flavour of cat food -- yeah he's picky!), but he is much more relaxed and easygoing than BOC. He's a great little cat.

Took the most recent batch of Steve's paintings to the photographer Tuesday. They should be ready by the time I got to the coop meeting Monday night. These are the pieces he was working on when he wrote this blog entry. They are really very cool. Keeps moving in the direction of the most recent set up on the SK art site. I think it's a good direction for him -- I'm not sure anyone else does though....

One of the small ones got somewhat smeared on the way here and although I was able to clean it up quite a bit, the smear is still apparent. I was so disappointed not to be able to fix it satisfactorily. Luckily the others are all in good shape. I'm going to suggest we not put it on the regular SK art site but cut the price significantly and then provide a link to a pic of it when I post links to the rest of the new work. It's still a nice piece, and it would be a great deal, especially for someone who just can't afford the regular price of Steve's originals. I'll ask Steve what he thinks of that idea.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

that's a great idea~~a cat shelter. what is the Snuggle Safe disc? i'm wondering if it would be something i can get our cat. hopefully you can convince BOC to come live with you. he would definitely have a happy home. :)

i think that's another great idea about the smeared painting~~see what he thinks. that's the trouble with shipping artwork. when i worked at the art gallery, we occasionally got stuff in that had smeared or whatever. i do know that the shipping companies are somewhat careless, and maybe leave stuff in a hot truck for too long. heck, we had an irate client call us one day because the painting we had shipped to his house in canada had arrived with two huge holes in it from the forklift. UPS did that. the painting was valued at $20,000. (the gallery i was at was obviously a very high-end one.)

i wish there was a better way to ship artwork!!!

10:39 AM  
Blogger eek said...

Here's a link to a place that sells the Snuggle Safe discs (and has a decent price -- I've seen then priced at $30+ before). It works great -- you just microwave it for a few minutes and it will hold heat all night long. All the cats who have used it seem to love it. Heck, I've even used it on super cold nights when I've been really chilled! (and it worked great!)

Snuggle Safe

Ouch! That story about the forklift speared painting sucks. I imagine that was so disappointing for everyone -- the buyer, gallery, and artist. For the most part we've had really good luck with the paintings. I mean Steve has sent well over a hundred paintings to me and I have sent off most of them to destinations all over. This one is the first to have significant damage, so that's not too bad of a record. Still it's disappointing when any of them get damaged.

7:00 AM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

thanks for the link. i will have to see about ordering one for sylvester. (and maybe one or two more for us!!)

5:53 PM  

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