Monday, June 11, 2007

would it piss you off?

Would it piss you off if you died and found there was indeed an afterlife and this world and all in it were indeed created by a god, but that god was the, umm, how shall I put this kindly...mentally challenged member of the god family?

That is, what if all the other universes out there got good, competent gods, and we got stuck with one who couldn't tell his ass from his elbow, so we got stuck having all sorts of needless illnesses and natural disasters and wars (because he couldn't figure out how to design people to avoid the tendency towards violence), and you found out after dying that no one else had to deal with all this sort of crap?

Would it piss you off if you found out that you got the crappy god?


Blogger veleska1970 said...

mmmmm....this one requires some really deep, critical thinking. i have to say that i believe in only one God, and i don't think our problems are His creation~~they are definitely ours. :*(

11:23 AM  

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