Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Question about SK's art

What do you think about the pricing of Steve's original paintings? Just the originals, not the prints or cards. A bit of info about them: they are for the most part pastel (Sennelier brand -- regular and sometimes iridescent) and gouache (Holbein brand -- artists' gouache, sometimes metallics -- some of the metallics are a different brand) on acid free 100% cotton fiber watercolour paper (mostly Arches 140 lb rough, but occasionally he'll use other brands). He also occasionally uses coloured pencil for detail, but not that often now.

Currently the prices are as follows (all sizes in inches; all prices in USD):

-- 8x10 to 9x12 -- $150
-- 12x16 -- $450
-- 18x24 -- $675

Many of his earlier ones (Jesus in Bondi; Vishnu in Bondi are a couple examples) were 14x20 and were priced at $525 (actually the two mentioned sold for $695 each at a gallery), but I'm interested in what you think of the $525 price (if you want to comment on both prices that's fine too).

And some of the new ones I'm preparing to put on the site (so you haven't seen them) are 10x14 and will cost $250.

So what do you think of those prices? Are they too high? Too low? Pretty good?

For anyone who reads this and wants to answer but can't comment on here because you don't have an account (or if you just don't want to leave the comment on here), you can email me at

I am interested in knowing what people think. Thanks.


Blogger snowfaller said...

Well, I'm not an art expert so I have no idea how they compare to similar art. Plus, the prices can obviously be inflated somewhat due to the celebrity status of the artist...

Speaking for me, the prices are about right. They are high enough you have to want a piece to purchase it, but low enough (especially for the smaller pieces) that fans can likely affort a piece if they really want an SK original.

Of course, based on what has happened with the paintings on eBay, I wouldn't be surprised if the prices of originals goes up soon.

Granted - the original artwork for album covers is much more desirable in my opinion which probably describes the prices the UTLC cover, etc. fetched.

So - I'll vote for just right - but I certainly will keep buying/looking if you raise the prices. :-)

So how do the SK art prices compare to similar art?

7:29 PM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

having worked in an art gallery for a good while, and being in the industry itself for a while, i will say that your prices are comparable to the current market value.

9:55 AM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

"As for the weirdness...would you really want to be all boring and "normal"? ;-) "

HELLLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!!!! i wouldn't be able to stand myself. i'd be bored. ;)

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