Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It wasn't quite what I was going for...

At the arts coop shop were I sell my glass the members all donate a few handmade Christmas tree ornaments each year to sell in the shop with all proceeds going to the shop. This helps cover our operating expenses and allows us to keep our yearly dues relatively low. These ornaments do not need to be in the same medium the member usually sells in the shop (members have to jury into the group and then are only permitted to sell items in the medium they juried in with -- occasionally a member will be allowed to sell works in another medium if no one else is doing that at the time).

So I decided to do take some inexpensive shaped beveled blanks and paint on them with heat set glass paint. I figured they would be fun and relaxing to make and they would have a low price point. I'm not much of a painter (which is why I make stained glass), but I had fun with it. What I ended up doing is painting lots of various little coloured dots all over the bevels. Since the bevels are shaped like christmas trees I figured the dots would kind of look like ornaments.

So I take them with me the next time I worked in the shop and as I was putting on ribbon and price tags it occurs to me the dots don't really look like ornaments -- they make the poor trees look as if they have chicken pox. Oh well. So much for my painting talent. They were fun anyway. I wonder if anyone will buy my "pox" trees. lol

An interesting thing I just noticed -- my blog on the brownies got four visits from someone at Continental Mills (the company which makes the Ghirardelli brownie mixes). It looks as if each time someone commented on that post I got another visit from them. I wonder if it's an automated thing or if it's a real person who's job it is to check out all mentions of the company's products online. I was kinda creeped out at first but then I thought "hmm...if I keep mentioning Ghirardelli in my blogs I might get more visits." Hehehe.

Of course the most visits I ever got was the couple of days SK had shut down comments on his blog and I used that "links to this post" button at the bottom of his most recent post and wrote my own blog about it. That was the first (and only) time I had ever used that "links to" feature and I have to admit I was a bit freaked out seeing the link to my post at the bottom of his -- but I did get a lot of traffic (for me anyway). I guess if I want another burst of visits I should get back to posting a bunch of rude and insulting anonymous comments on his blog shouldn't I? ;-) :-D


Blogger veleska1970 said...

"I wonder if anyone will buy my "pox" trees. lol"
funny you should mention that~~i LOVE tree ornaments, and i was wondering i fyou had them online or something to sell. i'd love to see them. might even buy one or two. ;)

"I guess if I want another burst of visits I should get back to posting a bunch of rude and insulting anonymous comments on his blog shouldn't I? ;-) :-D"
well, i won't read it!! LOL. in fact, i made a statement today about rude comments on steve's blog. **sigh**. the blog nazi. **rolling my eyes**

12:20 PM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

eh...that should have been "if you had them online..." my carpal tunnel is giving my fingers hell this morning. my fingertips are numb and it's hard to type today. :(

12:21 PM  
Blogger Région Frontière said...

how about some pics of your work?

and how the heck do you make link-tos? what are they?

12:10 PM  
Blogger eek said...

I might snap some pics of a few of my little glass pieces that could be used as ornaments, but I don't think I want too many people seeing my pox trees. Too embarrassing!

Some of my smaller pieces, while not specifically Christmas ornaments, could be used as that and then could also be hung in a window the rest of the year. I also do some standard Holly leaf clusters and stuff like that. Not my favourite stuff, but it helps pay the bills.

The "Links to Post" thingie is at the bottom of most blogger blogs right next to the comments link for that entry. When you click on it you can see if anyone has linked to that post and you can make your own link to that post by clicking on the "Create a link" link there. It automatically puts in all the info you need for the link and opens a window so you can type the rest of your blog entry. It's a lot easier to actually do it than to describe. ;-)

Re: SK blog comments -- my current policy is I will comment on Steve's blog when I feel like it (or when I get around to it) and I will limit it to once per entry. I'm also not responding to/commenting on any comments. I suppose if someone asks about the art site I would answer in the comments section if there was no other way because that's business and I'll post a comment whenever I put up new pieces on the art site (also cause it's business).

7:02 AM  

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