Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Bruiser pics and tidbits

A few other Bruiser tidbits.

He had a little bump on his chest. At first I thought it was a scab, but then I realised it was not that new. Turns out someone shot him with a BB gun and the pellet was still in there. I despise people who do shit like that.

He always limped a little bit on one of his hind legs. It never seemed to be acutely painful though, so I figured it was an old injury. Although he would let me pat him, he would never let me really examine him -- especially past his shoulders. When he was getting checked out at the vet they said it looked as if the leg had been broken, but wasn't set and just healed on it's own. It healed crooked, so although he didn't seem to have any pain from it, he had a permanent limp.

What a poor hard luck kitty -- mangled ears, shot with a BB, broken leg. But he was still amazingly sweet. He would sit on the bench, deck rail, or in a chair and watch the door so he could catch my eye and get me to come out with food (it's hard not to look out the back door every time I go in the kitchen now ), and one time he was sitting right in front of the door staring up at the window like "c'mon! I know you're in there and I'm hungry, damnit!" That was a very cute look. He got so he would rub against my legs when I would come out to feed him. He even came trotting over to me a couple of times. Of course he was probably thinking "ah! my waitress. I shall tip her by rubbing on her so I get better service" but I'm going to think he liked the attention and liked me.

And a bit that is a bit more humourous: I get loaf style Friskies canned cat food for my cats who aren't on special diets (they just get a bit each day mostly as a treat) and especially for any strays. They all generally like it. One day I had some special food from the vet opened and thought I'd give Bruiser some of that. This is the food they give to cats who aren't eating well to tempt them -- everyone likes it. Everyone except Bruiser that is. He sniffed it and was like "eewww" and wouldn't touch it! I gave him some of his regular food and he scarfed it right down. Bruiser was just a low-rent kinda kitty. My kind of cat

And a couple more pics:

This is his "aren't I sexy" pose. It also allows you a good look at his big "man cheeks." The flash made him close his eyes.

One of the very first pics I took of him. He wasn't too sure of me then.


Blogger Région Frontière said...

A lovely memorial.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Jafabrit said...

Seems he was a very lucky cat to have found you :)

8:42 PM  

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