Thursday, October 25, 2007

You and your half self

Someone on one of the boards I post on started a thread with this question:

If you saw yourself when you were half your age, and your "half your age self" saw you, what would you think of or say to each other?

I thought it was a pretty interesting exercise, so I swiped it for here. Although I could add more if I gave it more thought, this is what I wrote:

My 43 year old self to my 21.5 year old self:

If they are touring go see U2 now. You know you want to see them. Do it now. Trust me, they are going to be huge very soon and the crowds will be too big for you. Yes, I know no one you know likes them. Go on your own. Drive to a different city. Just do it.

Buy Heyday & Starfish (the latter in a few years) by a band called The Church. They will mean even more to you and have a larger impact on your life than U2 does. Hard to believe now, but true. If you can see them live, do it -- but there will be other opportunities. If you ever get the chance to see the Go-Betweens or Jack Frost however, don't wait. Do it right away.

Once you get past your goth stage don't wear makeup. It just makes you look older and frumpy. I didn't plan on living this long, but I have, so take better care of yourself. When you get hired at GE sign up for the PPO health insurance plan -- it will save you about $1200 on your wrist. Oh btw, don't get the cortisone shot -- you had a bad reaction. Don't get too worked up about issues at work -- it doesn't really matter in the end. Remember that hospital emergency rooms are open all the time. They do not close on Sundays you idiot!

My 21.5 year old self to my 43 year old self:

um yeah. Guess I should take better care of myself. (43 yo: don't give me any lip, you little shit. >:( ) Hmm...should have made the top part of the tattoo a bit larger so it was more clear, but overall it's good. You haven't worked a "real" job in over 11 years? Cool!!! much you make isn't so cool though. Still, this is soooo great!!

Aha! Now I see why you said the Church would have a great impact on us. I was worried for a bit with that name that we'd gone all holy roller. I just couldn't see that ever being my thing. I like the paintings...bright, sometimes bizarre. Neat little gig you have there. Now if you just put as much effort into your own work....

Not living in the country anymore, eh? That's interesting -- didn't see that coming. You don't seem overjoyed about it. Do I want to know what happened to the horses? Awww...a Blue Heeler! I love those! Happy to see cats too.

Not really what I expected. Some excellent developments, some rather discouraging.

Anyone else wanna give it a go?


Blogger Région Frontière said...

What a great idea. Was it hard for you to write, though? Did it make you want to hide under the covers?

I might try it this weekend.

11:14 AM  
Blogger eek said...

It was hard for me to write. Part of it was deciding what I would say. I realise it sounds weird, but I left out some things because I thought the young me doesn't need to worry about that, or wouldn't/couldn't change anything even if I/she did know.

Plus there is that whole "what did you do with your life? You had so much potential" bit that is kind of inevitable in this type of thing. It's hard to think the young me might be disappointed in the current me. For me it helped that I've never been hugely ambitious, but yeah...that part was kinda tough.

6:21 AM  
Blogger John said...

What was U2 up to at the time?

[Quick math]

Right after "Unforgettable Fire"? yeah, that was a ways back.

John Garratt

9:37 AM  
Blogger CouldBeAnyone said...

I've been pondering this since reading yours. Tune in to the MySpace blog sometime in the next week...

4:19 PM  

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