Wednesday, October 03, 2007

cat vs phone

(the cat won)

My new phone (just a cheap corded phone & answering machine combo) is on the way to me. Over the weekend Maddie, my not-very-bright-but-very-spazzy cat came running out of the kitchen, jumped up onto the desk and set the phone and a full glass of water flying. The phone it the floor hard and that was it for that phone. I was very mad at that cat, and she knew it! She hid in the bedroom most of the rest of the night. I do have another phone I can plug in there, but it doesn't have an answering machine, and I like that. So I ordered a new one from Shipping was free and I always tend to buy more than I went for when I go to the store, so I did the online thing.

I have been considering getting rid of my landline entirely because I really don't use it much, but it is handy for some things. I have a really basic plan so it doesn't cost all that much, but it does add up over a year. I probably should have taken the smashed phone as a sign and canceled the service.

Planned to work on glass yesterday. Planned to make bananna bread yesterday. Planned on commenting on a few people's blogs that I have been neglecting yesterday. Planned on doing a load of laundry yesterday. Planned on sending a few emails out. Didn't do anything. Bleh.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

i haven't had a landline in about a year, but then when i ended up having to get DSL internet here at the new house, i had to get one. but it's the bare-bones plan. and we'll probably never use it for anything else.

plans never seem to work like they are supposed to. ;)

5:43 AM  
Blogger Région Frontière said...

God, don't get me started on phones! I'd like to get rid of my land line too, it's around $27 a month, but i just can't seem to. I guess you never know.

8:56 AM  
Blogger eek said...

$27 is about what mine costs me every month. It's not that much, but I don't use it that much either. Still I always think if I ever needed to dial 911 and couldn't speak, they would know just where I was and would send someone out with a landline phone, whereas with a cell phone it's harder for them to know exactly where the call is from. Not a likely scenario, but I do think about it.

Also my cell phone is a long distance call for most people here since it still has a Cincinnati area phone number. And I've only given my landline number to many people/places, so that could be a pain too.

Still it seems kind of wasteful considering how little I use it.

5:31 AM  
Blogger snowfaller said...

One of my cats hangs out on the TV right by my answering machine and occasionally will press the play button - which really freaks you out in the middle of the night.

I guess I should feel fortunate he hasn't broken any phones yet...

9:44 PM  

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