Sunday, September 30, 2007


Veleska, it's Jasmine! Jasmine incense.

WTF? I hear you say.

Remember when you mentioned how good Steve smelled when you met him after the gig last year? I'm pretty sure that smell was from Jasmine incense and I bet he carried some with him in his luggage.

I have some jasmine spray I've been using once in a while these last few weeks (and some jasmine tea also) and I've been trying to place the scent. Well today (yesterday now) it just hit me -- that's what Steve (and the books and such of his I picked up in Milwaukee -- which I still haven't gotten around to writing about...) smelled like! I think reading one of his blog entries when he was doing the Queensland Poetry Festival and got yelled at by the hotel manager for burning incense in his room also helped me tie it all together. So anyway I bet if you got a packet of jasmine incense it would have that Steve smell.

Oh my -- that was pretty damned fan-girl, wasn't it?

And speaking of the Stevester (or more accurately, his blog), recently I have found myself more irritated than I should be by some of the comments, so I decided not to read them. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done for me because the temptation to click on and then read the comments was great. So early this week I subscribed to a feed and then read that instead of actually going to his blog page. The feed doesn't have the comments. I figure I'll give it a good two weeks and see if I want to keep it up after that. Maybe after this little break I'll find I mostly enjoy the comments again.

It's a bit weird for me to just read the blog itself and not anyone's reactions to it (also weird to read it with black type on a white background...and I don't think the feed does photos either, although I don't think he's had any lately -- if he has I don't know about it). I do feel kind of disconnected from the whole thing, but I'm not sure how much of that is from reading just the blog and not any of the comments and how much is just this weird little funk I've been in lately. I've been feeling oddly disconnected from a lot of things lately (including several other people's blogs -- I've been a slack and have to try to catch up soon). I think I need to make a better effort to set a more regular sleeping schedule (mine is VERY out of whack), eat better, and get some exercise. I think that might help me feel more normal again.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

so it IS jasmine!! actually, i have some jasmine incense, and i burn it all the time. but for some reason his smelled better. ;)

about his comment box~~for the longest time, especially since all the malicious flame wars have been going on, i only read the comments from people i know and trust, like yourself, denise, davem, andy L, brien c, sue, ryan, etc. i certainly don't read anything that has "anonymous said" in the name line, and i don't read anything that sounds fabricated, for example, his box today had some idiot calling him/herself "sweaty wheels". to me, that's a tip-off for an attack, or sarcasm about the topic and that really fucking turns me off. so i just don't read them. i scroll through about 80% of the box, just looking for people i know, i read them, and then scroll down looking for others.

so if anybody is insulting me, i just don't know about it, because i don't read it!! hahahahaha

i hope you are feeling better. please do. :)

8:18 PM  
Blogger eek said...

Maybe what made it smell so good was the mixture of Jasmine and Kilbey sweat. lol! Wouldn't that be quite the cologne?

I should be able to skip the comments that irritate me so, but I found that recently even when I didn't respond to any of them I kept thinking about them. Stevie's blog is supposed to be something I enjoy, not something I have to grit my teeth to read. So I decided to make myself chill out for a whole and see if I can get back to enjoying it again.

11:58 PM  
Blogger eek said...

...and that should be while, not whole.... :rolleyes:

5:30 AM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

"Wouldn't that be quite the cologne?"
ummm...yes. (ok, let's not get all fan-girly here... :) )

i used to feel that way about reading his blog~~i would open up the comment box thinking "ok, who's attacking who today? what's been said about me?" but really, i don't do that anymore. i just scroll down looking for certain fiendss, and then i leave my own comment and then close the box and exit. *snap* simple as that.

11:51 AM  

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