Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The best laid plans....

I had what I thought was a great birthday gift picked out and ordered. Today I find it hasn't even been shipped and the birthday is fast approaching. Now I have to hit actual bricks and mortar stores in search of something which is really discouraging. Since I've gotten so used to shopping online I find regular stores lacking. The prices are often higher and the selection not nearly as good. And I'm not real fond of salespeople either. I know -- I'm a horribly grumpy person!

I do have a few things in mind and I'm pretty sure I will be able to get them, but the stuff I ordered was a brand new product (which may be why it wasn't ready to be shipped even though the website said it was in stock) and looked as if it would be really cool. I'm more disappointed the potentially really cool gift isn't going to make it on time than I am that I now have to find something else. I like picking out those special gifts, and I was so tickled to have found something brand new. I mean it's always cool to be the first kid on the block with the newest toy, isn't it?


Blogger snowfaller said...

Doesn't that just piss you off when you have the perfect gift and crap totally out of your control blows the whole thing?

Maybe it's because I'm a first born but I'm an eternal pleaser and I try so hard to come up with perfect gifts, etc. Combined with my compulsiveness and laziness it doesn't always work out so well but lord knows I certainly try...

I've always taken much more joy in seeing others appreciate my gifts than getting gifts from others.

I read your comment on my blog. I'm right there with you. Under The Milky Way changed my life. It still gives me chills and I still cry every time I hear them play it live because that song has led to so much joy in my life I can't even begin to describe it.

Seriously - how many people have had a Church CD in their home CD changer and/or their car constantly for almost 20 years?

How many people have all of their stuff and all of their solo stuff and all of their "other" stuff. Not too many I think - but I just get it.

I listened to the rough mixes of SK's songs with Martin Kennedy last night and they just flat out get right to my soul. I don't know if it's the voice or something supernatural or what, but anything they are involved in somehow just gets right to my heart and I can't describe it to others.

When I first heard the pre-Starfish stuff, Heyday certainly hit me the hardest. I LOVED that album. As far as the other stuff, Seance instantly grabbed me. I loved the more pastoral stuff (for lack of a better term) on Remote Luxury like Violet Town, No Explanation, and Into My Hands.

It took me a while to totally get OSAH and The Blurred Crusade, although I absolutely loved Is This Where You Live? I think it was the line "they can't believe it's you I'm with" since I was dating a girl who was probably way out of my league at the time...

I guess that's just my low self esteem speaking since I tend to not understand how any great girl could find anything of value in me! That girl taught me a lot. I tried so hard to be who I thought she wanted me to be instead of just being me which is why she like me in the first place. It kind of led to a disaster which is nothing new.

I can't believe I'm wasting all of this gold in your comments instead of in my blog! :-)

Anyway - I certainly plan on helping celebrate SK's 53rd by purchasing some art.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Région Frontière said...

I prefer online shopping too for the exact same reasons you mention. The bricks and mortar stores are always more expensive and they have jack.

When is steve's birthday again? i know september sometime.

12:04 PM  

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