Saturday, August 18, 2007


It took nearly two years, but I think my brother's cat Annie has finally decided she likes me. Over the last couple of days she has started coming up and rubbing on me and letting me pat her. And she purrs! Before this she thought I was ok (mostly because I let her in her house when my brother is asleep or away), and she would sometimes let me very briefly pat her, but she didn't really like it and she made that abundantly clear.

But I think seeing me lavish attention on the two strays who come around every day got her thinking "hey! That looks nice -- I want some too!" Still I didn't really expect her to change her prickly manner towards me after this long. But it's sweet that she did.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

hey~~you've been a very bizzy lady, blogging everyday, LOL. i'll have to catch up on some reading later on.

i never understood why cats do that sort of thing. i've had cats as pets all my life, and one thing has always been constant: either they love you or they don't care either way. so that is quite a breakthrough that she came to you like she did. maybe she's mellowing in old age??

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