Sunday, July 22, 2007

I didn't want to be that unique...

Funny how SK's blogs such as today's seem to make everyone so happy -- everyone except me. I mean I couldn't help but smile as I read it -- it was incredibly sweet, loving, and exuded contentment. And the Kilbey have to get a kick out of that (I bet his rankings would go up if his description included "literary erotica!"). But by the time I got to the end a wave of overwhelming sadness washed over me and is still lingering. Usually I re-read the blog a time or two, but I doubt I'll ever read this particular one again. I don't want to feel that feeling again.

I've been checking the comments to see if anyone else seems to have a similar reaction, but no such luck. I guess I'm the only one. Lovely.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

oh, eek, i'm sorry his blog on this day made you feel so lonely. sweetie, i've been there too many times to mention and i know it is NOT NICE.

i'll keep you in my thoughts and send some good vibes your way that hopefully soon that will be eliminated. :) nobody should have to be alone.

3:29 PM  
Blogger snowfaller said...

Well, I enjoy blogs like this one, but I wouldn't say it necessarily makes me happy - if you know what I mean.

It is just amazing how great that man is with words. Unbelievable.

The lack of a tour is certainly bringing me down at the moment. Hopefully they will be able to do it next year.

I am definitely becoming more excited by the day for the new SK projects!

Solo work from at least one of the other members? I guess I have a 33% chance of guessing which one.

I'd say who I hope it is but I'd hate to offend the other two. :-)

10:30 PM  

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