Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More BOC

Now BOC is coming around twice a day most days -- generally at night -- to eat and get attention. When I go out to feed him now he generally waits on the bench for me to come over and pat him a bit. He seems to really like it, letting me scratch on his cheeks, under his chin, and his face -- even his nose. And he will rub on my hand and sometimes up against my legs. This last time he even let me rub his belly. And he's learning to trust me when other things startle him -- the other night the neighbors were making a fair amount of noise and he went under a bench on the deck. So I brought over his food and sat on the bench and just talked soothingly to him. Sure enough he came over to his dish and ate. :)

I don't think he's really been able to trust people much, which kind of makes me sad, but for a cat on his own, wariness is probably a big part of staying alive. He really is a sweet cat though. I quite like him. Ultimately I would like to have him trust me enough to come live inside, but I'm not sure that will ever happen. But at least he know he can come here for good food and I'm going to make little warm shelters for him (and LBC if he wants one) for the winter. I'll do what I can to improve his life.


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